Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coming Soon! Magic: Turning Milk to Mozzarella

If you've been around for awhile, you may remember last year when I fell hard for homemade cheese. Hard. Remember this white farmhouse cheddar? Oh my goodness. To die for!

That's one reason why I'm excited to say that the kind and talented folks over at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Co. have asked me to be a guest blogger on their site as I chronicle my adventures making cheese at home. We're going to be conjuring up some fantastic mozzarella, and I'd love if you'd join me!

Stay tuned as details are soon to follow. Oh what fun, huh? -Brin


Unknown said...

I do remember that post and wanted to try my hand at it, so I'm in!! Looks wonderful!!

Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares said...

I remember as well... I pick up fresh milk weekly to use for butter making, keifer & such... have always wanted to make cheese... I will be watching, THANKS for sharing your world, it truly is an inspiration to me.

Oh, when will you have new product in the shop???

Pamela from Kentucky

vintage girl at heart said...

Looking forward to it!

Rebecca said...

I'm excited to see this, Brin! And keenly interested as well. I've wanted to try cheesemaking at home, but have always been a bit "frightened off" by it. I'm confused as to whether I really need a cheesemaking kit, special products, the wax thing....so it will be fun to watch how you do it.

Brin said...

Thanks, y'all! It will be fun, right? I can imagine that 20 years ago... even 10!... cheesemaking would be so daunting. But now, with the internet and companies like New England Cheesemaking Co., it's so straightforward, easily figured out, and fun! And since all of my friends seem to be on "clean eating" or local foods kicks, making your own cheese is a no brainer!

Pamela- Thanks for asking! Newly knitted goodies will be in the shop SOON. As in, within 24 hours. :) I've been sitting in the cabin until it's too dark to see (and then sometimes by oil lamp light) knitting some new things up! ...I appreciate you looking! I'd love to send some handmade goodness over to your home.

Thanks, y'all! Have a great day. -Brin

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I remember that post... and I made some cheese out of some leftover homogenized milk that was about blinky...because of that post. I did some googling and nosing around the internet...and ended up making something similar to Queso Blanco ...something crumbly. I used it in a salad I think.
anyway-- It was good! I love learning things from you! So I can't wait to see how the Mozzarella comes out.

Watching for all your adventures...Pat

L. said...

My husband has been making his own cheese for about ten years now. He even runs an online cheese forum. Some cheeses have been successes, others have not. Cheesemaking is a real science and if you don't do each step correctly it can fail.

The mozzarella is the easiest of all cheeses to make. You pretty much can't mess it up!

Since my husband gets most of his cheesemaking supplies from Ricki, I'll be interested to see how you get on being a guest blogger on her site.

Did your little wooden house come with a kitchen?

Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares said...

Oh, goodie... goodie!

I will check back often & don't burn the midnight oil too much, you need all that energy for creating in your new home!


Lulu said...

looks delich

Lulu said...

looks delich

Betty said...

Sounds wonderful, I love mozza cheese and homemade..oh wow!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I am excited to say, might even give it a try myself! I've done yogurt before but cheese just seemed a step beyond...! Can't wait to see your progress ;)

5minutemom said...

This is exciting. Have you watched The Little Kitchen in Paris? I think it would be something you would enjoy--simple,comforting recipes.

Beehind Thyme Garden and Wares said...

Was JUST checking your shop & found some new items... I'm looking for the 'Country Girl' Helper Set... I'm thinking that is the name of it. The colors are a teal/blue, brown, coral & white, I'm remembering. If you happen to complete a set such as this, PLEASE let me know.

THANKS my dear & Christmas Hugs from Kentucky!