Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did Someone Say "Eating Local"?

When you've had all the organic broccoli from your garden that you can stand, here's an idea: make broccoli quiche for your bakery. Once you've done that, chop off the flowering broccoli stems and plunk in water. Position on bakery shelf with quiche, alongside a "This Is the Plant That Grew Your Lunch" sign, telling eaters where their meal came from.

Problem solved.

(P.S. - One problem not solved? Calendars. I've been unable to receive my order OR even a partial refund. Can't count the hours of sleep I've lost over this. My only solution - until I receive a refund - is to transfer the purchase price of calendars toward the purchase of a Freeman House Cookery Book, which I plan to Blurb in April. Something like these. You calendar folks think on that and let me know how you feel...)