Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Now Halloween, of course, may mean
Things very weird and ghost-like;
I wish it meant an evening spent with you -
That's what I'd most like.

But it didn't. It didn't mean that at all. So the tricker-treaters came. Before dark, even. Dragons and dogs and pirates and princesses and tigers and tinkerbells and ghosts and a weird guy called "Bubba".

I think I liked the dragon best. I could have kept him, except I didn't want to be one of those creepy Halloween folks. So I gave him and his sister a big-sized Hershey's.

They were too adorable.

Especially when their mother, the former Miss Teen USA, pregnant-with-her-third-child-beauty, told them it was time to leave.

For some reason, I wanted to cry.
Goodbye little ones. Be safe. See you next year....


ancient one said...

Oh, they were sooo cute! We're out in the booneys.. don't get any trick or treaters out this way. Thanks for sharing yours... Loved this post!!

GirlonTour said...

I love Halloween. I am Aussie and we don't really celebrate it, but living in the Middle East with lots of expats, mainly Americans, I got to goto not one but three Halloween parties, and experience what you guys experience EVERY year. Lots of fun, and I find the adults are usually the biggest kids!

Thanks for sharing your Halloween!


Rosa said...

They tug at your heart strings don't they?
I hope you had a fun Halloween. :)

Lynda Meyers said...

They were gorgeous! I love your photos.

This is one of the cooler blogs I've stumbled on lately! I'm bookmarking this page and I'll be back!

Have a wonderful day...

Harbor Hon said...

I love those fresh young faces enjoying a holiday that we enjoyed ourselves when we were their age. The mystery, the surprise, it's like I'm there again. Thanks, sweet girl, for sharing with this old heart. xxoo

Amy said...

I wish our "Spider Pirate" could have come!

(He wouldn't decide between SpiderMan and Pirate, so he got a mixed costume)

Unknown said...

Too cute!!