Friday, August 22, 2008

Quiet Friday Night

It's turning fall here. Or it feels as though it is. It's been rainy and dark and I've only had to turn on the air conditioner once. Amazing for Texas in August.

If you've read this blog awhile, you know autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the ciders and the hot chocolates. The sight of burnt-colored leaves hurrying by billowing, quilted throws on the line. I adore football and Autumn in New York. I like the chilly evenings and the warm fires. There's something magical about pumpkins and Indian corn and hay rides. And I appreciate the excuse to turn on the oven and cook things long and slowly. You can have summer; fall is my time.

In the bottom of a knitting basket I found two skeins of orange yarn. It was reason enough: I'm taking tonight off, staying home, cooking dinner, watching the Cowboys and knitting a scarf for fall.

And playing with the puppy. Hasn't she grown? My ever-by-my-side, rosemary-thieving Millie. She's glad to be home, I think, running about and kicking up leaves that are already falling outside the kitchen door. This dog has the sweetest temperament. She's parked beside me now as I type, chewing her bone and looking up at me every so often. Soon she'll be ready to go out again. Perhaps it will stop raining long enough for a walk.

We'll hope so.

If you need us tonight, we'll be here, camped out by the windows in the library, watching the rain and eating Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding and knitting.

Happy weekend. -Brin

P.S. If you love fall as I do, treat yourself to this book. You'll treasure it more every year. Simply titled, Autumn is a heart-warming collection of quotes, recipes, and ideas to settle yourself in for a beautiful fall.


Kathleen Grace said...

Millie has grown! It sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned. The best thing about coming home is just sitting and enjoying it:>) Have a good night.

Betty said...

I agree Millie sure has!Aww..that sounds so relaxing..and you will show us the orange scarf when it's done??

paisley penguin said...

I will be knitting tonight too! :)

cathleen said...

Reading your posts again are like savoring a favorite soothing book. I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to have you back. Millie is one cute dog and the dark chocolate bread pudding sounds so delicious. Have a happy night knitting and being cozy. And speaking of knitting scarves I posted the instructions for a mock cable rib scarf this morning. That mock cable is some serious addictive knitting. Just sayin'

Runner Girl said...

I can't believe how Millie has grown! Aren't you just elated that you suffered through the puppy stuff...only to be rewarded by a sweet and loyal companion.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Lady Laura said...

I laughed out loud as I read you describe Millie as "rosemary stealing"! I once had a wonderful dog that wouldn't harm a fly and had the most gentle of temperments; but he just wouldn't leave my lavender alone! He dug it up and ate the roots! So silly!--but he always had the sweetest smelling breath!

Nice to see your posts again. Welcome home!

Gracie G. said...

Wow! Millie has grown! It makes me miss my dog. :( I'm glad you are posting a little bit more. I love fall too and am amazed at how cool this August has been. I was told that it means we are in for a cold winter! Not exactly what I wanted to hear, lol, but I am happy that it is cooling down already. I remember it being late October last year and we still had a lot of hot days (I live in WV). I love the sights and smells and activities of fall makes me so happy. :)

Happy weekend to you too! Enjoy your dog, yarn, and time to rest.

Anonymous said...

What fun to see pics of Millie!! Have you read the Art of Racing in the Rain and/or Marley & Me: Love and Life with the World's Worst Dog? Great laugh out loud entertainment with dogs as main characters. You would like them. The Marley book is funnier, but the 'Racing' book is good, too, with some funny moments. Marley is also a lab. Happy fall! It's still quite the summer here with rain and more rain from first Eduardo, and then just plain weather, although I haven't watched enough weather to know if it's from Fay or not what with the Olympics going on. Fall will come soon enough for us, but your night sounds extremely cozy. Love ya! Auntie M

Elenka said...

OK, wait a minute....I live in Maine and the leaves have not started falling yet! I figured Texas is like summer well into the winter..isn't it? I figured you essentially didn't really have a 'fall". I'm surprised to hear you talk as if you were in New England, about the weather. Learn something new everyday.
I, too, am so glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Millie sure has grown! She's beautiful.
I love the Susan Branch Autumn book favorite season here
in New England.

Harbor Hon said...

Brin, thanks for recommending the book. I just purchased it. Thanks for taking the picture of Millie with the leaves. I want Autumn here so bad I can taste it. Millie has grown quite a lot since we last saw her. She's such a good girl and you can just tell she loves you by the look in her eyes. Thanks for sharing with us. xxoo

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME Brin! :O) So glad to see TWO posts on here from you. I too have really missed your blog!

As soon as I saw Millie's photos in the leaves I thought "wow has she grown". She's as cute as ever!

Love that Autumn book and have had it since last year. The recipes are amazing, and I just enjoy sitting in bed at night, reading thru the book now and again. It's a beautiful book and a wonderful read.

Another fall lover here. It's in the air. Yeah! Happy knitting Brin!


Sara Warren said...

What soft velvety ears! I can just feel them on the tips of my fingers! I miss having a dog, but SO glad you are discovering the joys of having one.

Erica said...

Your dog is so darling and I just love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I read your darling blog. So glad you are back!

Unknown said...

It's felt like fall here for the last 2 weeks and I'm ready! I love this time of the year! Your Friday night sounds perfect! Millie is so pretty, what a special companion! Welcome Home!!

Cheryl said...

Oh, how I love Autumn, and Susan Branch, and dark chocolate bread pudding, and especially warm puppies;)

Anonymous said...

I ran across your post while searching for quilted throws. What a picture you paint of autumn. I can't wait. It's been very hot and of course humid here in Virginia...looking forward to cooler temps. Thanks for sharing.

Pippi said...

"Autumn" just arrived in my mailbox today & I am in love! Are all of her books as delightful? It is in the upper 80's here, but I plan on snuggling up with my new treasure tonight, LOL...probably along w/ac blasting and basking in the future of the cool Autumn ahead. Thank you for sharing your book lists! This is a "must-have". Pippi