Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bundles, Bags and Grape Stomping

In order to understand the world,
one has to turn away from it on occasion.
-Albert Camus

It's so good to turn away from the world on occasion. Especially us. Especially now, in this day and time when we're all so busy we have to stop to remember which way we were facing to begin with. Whew.

To say that I've enjoyed my time away is an understatement of the highest order. I'm really only popping in now to say that, yes, I'm fine. (No need to send any more frantic, worried emails and such demanding to know my condition or whereabouts. I assure you: I didn't fall off a plane or die of whooping cough or anything.) Nope, I've just been around - here and there - doing the things I must and a few of the things I enjoy. Like today.

Today is a day for pouring deep, icy glasses of tea, putting a pan of brownies in the oven, plopping onto the couch, watching movies, and sewing up prototypes of the handbag I'm hoping to make as Christmas gifts for girly friends and family. I got one of Alicia's Precious Bundles for inspiration and decided to piece these by hand. (I'm going for something like this, only a little more vintage/country summer afternoon feeling.) I love sewing by hand. It forces me to slow down; I always try to breathe very deeply and sit calmly when I sew. Very therapeutic, especially when you're doing something as simple as sewing two squares together.

I sit calmly today because the rest of the week I fly about like the batted ball in a pinball machine. Among the many things on the agenda this week? Grape stomping. Yep, grape stomping. As in, go to a vineyard and squish vats of grapes with your bare feet. Weird, I know. But on my list of "Thirty Things To Do Before I'm Thirty"... the list I made four years ago... number 17 reads: "Go grape stomping". Don't know why except that it just always seemed silly and messy and romantic. Not a bit like me, you understand. (Ha.)

So there's your update. I'm good. I'm keeping busy with bundles, bags, brownies and grape stomping. If you were wondering what I'm up to, now you (sort of) know.

Hope this finds you awfully well and enjoying the fading summer. -Brin


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

One of the reasons I love your blog is that you do what I CAN'T, and that is just GO, and DO, and BE. I guess I'm more the "stick in the mud" personality. :)

However, we have one thing in common (well, a lot or I wouldn't love your blog so much). In the midst of a busy day at home, I baked a batch of brownies. There is something almost liturgical about baking, especially pies and brownies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin, the material patches are so pretty. The purse will be wonderful! Also I love the idea of grape stomping, why not? Sounds like loads of fun! I love your wonderful and inspiring blog.
Have a wonderful day!

Adrienne said...

Hi Brin -
It's good to hear from you again and to know what's on your schedule. Grape stomping? I'd love to be there! Do we get to see the finished bags? Maybe not if they're Christmas gifts, huh. I look forward to the next time you check in and share a bit of your world with us.
Take care,

Betty said...

Grape stomping..sounds like we all want to do that! I think it would be fun to have the grape juice squish between your do this barefoot don't you?? I would..
What a neat idea for a bag,you make it look so easy. I like your way of relaxing..fall will soon be upon us and then out will come my knitting, crocheting and embroidery..just can't get myself to work on that now.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, Brin!

Gracie G. said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back (even if just for one post to say you are still alive). I miss checking your blog every day to see what messy and thrilling things are going on in your life. Have fun grape stomping! I need to make a list of things to do before I die so I can make it a point to fulfill them! It's good to have goals. :)


Eloise said...

Hope you're going to have someone take pictures of the grape stomping! Lucille Ball is my only vision of such activity.

The quilt squares are beautiful, by the way!

Harbor Hon said...

Hello, sweet girl, just figured I'd check in to see if there was anything new from you. Surprised and happy! Sounds like you got quite a few things going. I'll bet the bags will be beautiful. Hand sewn? You are just too much! Good to hear from you again. xxoo

Rosa said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your break.
The fabric is great. I just came home from visiting my sisters and while there, my sewing sister and I came across a new quilt store. The fabric was incrediably inspiring!
Fotrunately I'm going back in September for my niece's wedding. Oh the trouble I'll be in! :)

cathleen said...

Since I was one of those worried ones, it is lovely to see you post again. You are always like a breath of fresh air. You know, you are always interesting and refreshing. I would love for you to come and visit my new blog. You inspired me to start my own and I would like to see what you think.

Vee said...

Wonderful! Great to have an update. I recognized that fabric from Alicia immediately. So cheerful! Keep on having a lot of fun whatever you're doing...grape stompin' or quilting.

Linda Z said...

Thanks so much for the update... I have missed not reading your sweet happenings. Can't wait to see the grape stomping pics and the fabric is so pretty.

Mia said...

oh my gosh! That is the BEST bag! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

And um, can i be on the christmas list too? hehehe.

Seawashed said...

Grape stomping has always sounded so romantical to me, as well. But where do you find a place to do it. I do live near Napa, California...I'm sure I could find a place there to sign up. Reminds me of two favorite movies: 'A Good Year' and 'A Walk In The Clouds'.

So glad you are 'living' these summer days to the fullest. Don't worry about those who make a fuss that you are not around so much here in blogville. It does take up alot of time...time that can be spent sipping sweet tea under the maple tree, with dear Millie by your side of course!

kali said...

I was so excited to see your post!!! Its good to hear from you, and I'm glad you are enjoying time away.
I think I'm headed over to Alicia's blog now... :o)
Hope the rest of your summer is absolutely lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Brin" fix...I was after all going into withdrawal. Sounds like you are well and having a ball...the way life should be.


Unknown said...

So happy to see a post this morning! I do miss them but sure do understand why! I wish I had the time to sew and do silly things, but the remodel of our new home is taking over but I'm having a blast! Enjoy your grape stomping and I love the fabric, the bags will be lovely!

Terri Steffes said...

Hey girl, good to hear from you. I am glad you are living your life! I am preparing for school and as much as I love what I do, I am saddened by the approaching end of summer. I am heartened though, that I am not the only one who is preparing for Christmas!


Diary From Africa said...

It's lovely to 'catch-up' with you again & hear that you are doing well. (I check in here every day, just incase you've posted !) Have fun stomping grapes & enjoying the end of Summer, we are in our cold Winter months here in Africa at the moment.
Pat's & cuddles for Millie !
Bye for now
Kilimanjaro, East Africa

linda t said...

So good to hear from you Brin.
You are missed.
Stay in touch... now and again.

Heidi said...

Hi Brin, It is so nice to meet you! I found your blog through Cammyk @ FreckledFarm....I couldn't agree more about taking a bit of a break from EVERYTHING!...dropping out of the mainstream for a bit!..I am doing the exact same thing...I decided to slow down with work, concentrsting on sewing & quilting again at home...getting back in the garden... watching a movie in the afternoon if I wish... & rereading Little Women! I love it!!! I just love your blog & will definitely be back!...Heidi XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin,
I so enjoy popping in and out of your blog. You do lead an interesting life full of adventure, travelling here and there and dabbling in just about everything. You a a gifted spirit. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Bye the way, how's Millie?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin! I hope your enjoying your time off, and i think it would be offending for someone to send you an email demanding to know where you are *gasp* because really you don't have to answer to anyone *LOL* (hope i didn't offend anyone here by mentioning that :O)

I wish I could have found your journal years ago... but i am slowly catching up reading about your messy, thrilling life, and loving it. sorry you've been through some hard times, and hopefully those days are gone!

I hope you were able to do the grape stomping and your toes are stained purple.

Also wanted to say your photo's are all so beautiful and you have a keen eye for photography!

Have a wonderful and peaceful week!