Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tired Day

I'm too tired, too tired.
I ought to be sensible, to stay at home.
-Paul Cezanne

Is it only Wednesday? Gosh. I am tired today. Content, but tired. Have a lot going on behind the scenes. Too much, really. It's bringing on that kind of Christmas-is-finally-over-but-I-still-have-to-do-dishes-and-take-down-the-tree type of brain melted/feet aching exhaustion, you know? (And if you've read this blog for awhile you know what goes on here when I'm beat: a flickering candle bubble bath in the clawfoot tub, a glass of tea, and Chump Chicken.)

Just need to stick my chicken, potato, mushroom, garlic and onion goodness in the oven, grab the quilt I'm working on, slide in I Capture the Castle, and call it a day.

From my weary but happy house to yours... hope you have a peaceful night!


Anonymous said...

Pretty weary myself's the relentless heat and humidity I've been suffering from.
Will enjoy a bowl of warm peach crumble after supper...a little happiness for sure!
Hope you feel refreshed after a good sleep, Brin!

Anonymous said...

i'm right there with you, the heat is zapping all the energy right out of me. so glad that aug. is here so cool weather is one month closer!! get somerest. connie

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your scrumptous dinner, a lovely soak in the tub and your beautiful surroundings. May you feel the stress quietly leaving and a tender peacefulness filling your spirit.

GOD bless you,

BellaColle said...

Oh yeah! sounds like a very relaxing evening. Hope you feel better in the A.M!

Debe said...

I'm with you in the exhaust zone. School will start soon so we are gearing up for the kids and teachers to come back. Goodness summer is too short. Hope we all feel better tomorrow and the weekend is close!! At least it has quit raining!

Unknown said...

I too think it's the heat wearing us down faster on top of every day life. Rest up for the weekend! Hugs!!

Unknown said...

Oh, those peaches! Yummy!

Right now in Southern California, it is cool. There is still a breeze coming through the windows. Turst me, the heat is coming...

How refreshing to start the day with your blog!