Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Designing a Design

An image is not simply a trademark,
a design... or an easily remembered picture.
It is a studiously crafted personality profile
of an individual... product or service.
Daniel J. Boorstin

Worked today, but had to get up from the papers and files and phone calls and flow charts to get my hair cut and tinker with new literature designs for Freeman House. I've put this off for... well, two years... thinking that by now I'd be confident in my vision and perception of this wild and wonderful place. Ha. I'm working with a staggeringly talented woman who owns a highly recommended design studio. I think the regard is one-sided, however, because I'm sure I nearly drove this poor lady mad today.

Card #1 (above): Too whimsical, I wrote. Think hydrangeas and historic home and columns on the front porch, I told her. Envision traditional but updated. Pretty but not cutesy.

Poor designer.

Card #2: Ahh! Closer. It's actually the one I wanted, really, with some tweakings and, of course, my name and contact information below. I twirled around the study here thinking, finally... a design! And in only two tries!

Apparently not. Someone else beat me to the fantastic design, and I couldn't be a copy cat and steal someone's logo now, could I? Drats.

Back to the drawing board.

Card #3: Could it be? Is it she? Lose the plume-ended line, I wrote. Throws it off for me, somehow. I really liked this design because it will easily translate into a sign by the street, don't you think? Of course, my name is noticeably missing, and I'm agonizing... honestly agonizing... over which other contact information should be included. Blog? Etsy site? Address? Phone? Email? Mother's maiden name? Trash day schedule?

Sigh. Nothing's sitting quite right. Am I over-thinking this?

More tweaking to come.

What do you think? Have you ever designed a logo for your... home? Your home-based business? Did you lose a little hair and sleep over it as I have?

Busy, busy. Busy and ... oh darn... late for church. This is getting ridiculous. Must go.

Have a pretty evening. -B


Anonymous said...

Brin -

Not for my home, but for my writing and creative consulting business. It's called "Words that Work", and a designer friend free-handed the business name across a sage colored, classic crest stock - then we ghosted this quote from Mark Twain on the back: "A powerful agent is the right word. A close approximation to it will answer...but we do not welcome it and rejoice in it as when the right word blazes out at us." The words "right word" and "blazes" are in a slightly larger font. I love seeing the surprise when I hand them my card and they turn it over and read it! You'll know the right thing when you see it...and I can't wait to see it, too.

Anonymous said...

What I like about the third card is that it resembles a B & B sign.

My favorite part of the old Victoria was always the page with beautiful cards. I think the time you spend will be well worth it...who knows where your card will be displayed!

BellaColle said...

Oh gosh...still losing sleep over things...(Belle Colle)
I like all three! Number 1 is very neat... I'm sorry to throw doubt but #3 looks like it could be anyone's logo...Since you know who originally owned your lovely home.. I would emphasize that! Thank you for sharing with us though, sorry for sticking my 2 cents in there..I know what ever you choose will be lovely!!

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents worth, if it matters.. really now..
1) too 'swirly'
2) like this one
3) definetly a sign to put at the street.
I too think that whatever you pick will look great!

Anonymous said...

card#3 doesnt look like you, your way too imaginative and spunky for something so blah. don't pick one until it jumps out at you and you know its the right one that you can use forever. don't rush it, these things take time and thought, connie

Unknown said...

Don't worry the design, once you see it, it will speak to you! And then you know...just know!

Unknown said...

Don't worry once you see the design, it will grab you and you will just know! Don't settle if you don't just LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Well, since barbed wire is my design for my card, I'm hardly qualified to comment. ha!

Anonymous said...


It will come to you when it is right. The best thing to do is to not think about it for a while then things will be much clearer and what you want will pop out at you. I have had to do this on many occassions.These designs are nice but, you are MUCH to creative for these designs.


Unknown said...

Oh Brin, your at it again, doing all the things I've wanted too and have yet to get too, but I so admire you for it all! I love the third one, it's perfect so far! I can't wait to see what your up too!

S Stargell Designs said...

These are nice, but it doesn't sound like they have you jumping up and down.

Consider having "est. 1892" under Freeman House. Brin ~ proprietor

All your contct information, blagaddy, etsy etc will be at the web address, correct?

I like the parchment, and the plume line helps to break the text so to give space for the reader's eye.

I have done many logos and cards in the past, and the right one will come along for you. look at as many as you can - fill a book with your own sketches, write a list of the feelings you want the image to invoke in the reader.

You are on the right track, just keep going.


Terri Steffes said...

Loved your choices! NO wonder its hard! I think that Robyn is right, the right design will pop out at you!

lulusparkles said...

I am so happy that you took my recommendation-Keri is fabulous!Trust me nobody could make her as nutso as I did!
she probably has me on her "clients too picky to work with ever again" list. LOL