Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagged! Six Weird Things...

Tag, I'm it? Okay, sure!

I don't know whether y'all have caught the latest email/blog tag game, but it's really simple, apparently: tell six weird things about yourself. (Only six? Let me narrow it down, then.) Thanks, Andrea, for the tag. Here we go!

(1) I'm mildly obsessed with my clothesline. I love hanging things out to dry. I look for things to hang out to dry. I recently made myself a homemade clothespin bag with pretty fabric, because the store-bought ones are so blah. The pins bulge out of it. Should you ever wish to get me something, buy me cool wooden clothespins. [When I was a girl, I would have to hang all of the jeans out on the line on washday. (There are 7 of us, so it was a LOT of jeans!) Anyway, when they were all dry and stiff, I'd take off all the clothespins but leave the jeans hanging. Then I'd stand by one of the clothesline poles, facing the opposite pole, stick out my bony little arm, and run as fast as I could, collecting all the jeans in a (heavy) heap over my outstretched arm. Ah, yes. Good, memories! :D]

(2) As much as I love clotheslines and clothespins, I abhor pennies. Yeah, as in penny-pennies. I refuse to touch them. Thankfully now most cashiers will put the receipt in your hand first, and dump your change on top of that. I simply slide the change into my billfold, dump the pennies from my billfold to my change bucket, and from there haul it to the bank and let them touch all the pennies. Yick! (Again... when I was little, my brother swallowed a few pennies. My Mom was all worried, and for hours... days, it seems... we had to check his poop for those gross pennies.) Poopie pennies is what they are! I won't touch the little germ-ridden, dirty-pocket-riding, sidewalk-laying, grubby things for anything!

Yeah, I'm weird.

(3) Old houses are my thing. Old barns, too. And the worse off they are, the better! I'm the world's biggest fan of Restore America and causes like that. Freeman House was a DUMP when I bought her. (In fact, my family and I jokingly called her "DUMPling Manor" for awhile. I actually have some folders printed up with that on them!) Anyhow, I can see no reason to tear down history when it can be saved for our kids and their kids. On my way home from court last week, my Mom and I drove by this little house (above) and I screamed, "STOPPPP!" After taking pictures of the place and its old barns, I vowed to move here when I was 35. I even tried to call a neighbor this week to see who owns it. Can't you just see it all prettied up, with a new porch and window boxes and an English-style garden and gravel pathways and a clothesline in the back? (Sigh.)

(4) I love raisins. Love them. But only from their little red boxes. Once you put them in anything, I'm out. Make a Double, Double, Triple-Layer Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing, but throw one raisin in the batter, and I'll pass, thank you very much.

(5). I read all magazines, newspapers, and short-story books back to front. I've even been known to read the last few chapters of a book by an unfamiliar author first, to see if I like the ending, before I invest too much time in the entire book. I like to say that I do this because the best features and pictures... whatever... are usually at the back. Whatever. I'm just weird.

(6) And finally, I love big sunglasses. Especially when I'm making my monkey-face while wearing them. (See?) I started wearing them a few years ago after reading an article that showed two women - one who habitually wore sunglasses, and the other who didn't. Might I say I immediately bought the biggest sunglasses I could find and started wearing them everywhere. To bed, almost. I have fair skin, for gosh sake!

And there you have it. Just six of an infinite number of weird things about me. Thanks, Andrea!

Okay, Susan ( and Sara ( consider yourselves tagged!


Anonymous said...

I love your monkey face!LOL You are beautiful and always were, I'm proud to be your friend. :D ac

Anonymous said...

LOL I was happily reading along, giggling at your monkey face with the Hollywood Shades and then saw that I was tagged. I'm not wierd! Ok, maybe a little! I'll have to think about it (or just ask my family) and post in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Well, I call it your "mirror face" and I am reminded of it often because Jake makes the EXACT SAME FACE when he fixes HIS hair!! Isn't that hilarious??? I giggle at him all the time and tell him he reminds me of you when he does that!