Monday, October 4, 2010

Land of Trees and Pies

I think about my little place all the time.

Today I thought about trees. About all the trees I wanted to pass on my morning walks with Millie. I thought about all the fruit I wanted to see glistening in canning jars. I thought about all the nuts I wanted roasting over a hearth fire.

So I went to the Arbor Day Foundation Tree Store and ordered arbor beauties to plant later this fall. If you saw the picture of my new place (before I got paranoid and zapped it), you know that hazelnut, cherry and plum trees (above) will go nicely. At least until they can be joined by peach, apple and pecan.

My land... a land of pies, waiting to happen. -Brin


OhhoandBiGGs family said...

I love plants and flowers around my house,too.They make my house is freshy.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You will be a good steward to your land, blessings! How is sweet Millie?

kerrie said...

Waiting patiently to see your land...I know you will make it the sweetest lil place on earth...and just as you bury the roots of those trees into the soil, you too will be planted and grow together with all your trees.

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Sounds awesome. I love and am yearning more for a simple life of backyard farming, baking days and less hassles!

I am really looking forward to watching this new season in your life unfold. Have fun!

carla said...

Ah, trees! We've been on our land for 9 years now and oh, how I wish we'd planted more trees. There are lots of native ones, probably about a hundred of them in sizes varying from saplings to big live oaks. But when other locals are harvesting peaches and pears and apples, we think about how we could've been doing the same thing instead of buying from them. Actually, we did plant several, of which only about 3 survived (a red oak the day the oldest grandson was born, a live oak for the second grandson, and a peach that came back from the roots after the neighbor goats came over and killed it.) Alas, neighbor goats, visiting donkeys and Texas heat were a bit rough. Maybe this fall...

Congratulations on your land. Isn't it a great feeling? We spent a long, long time in rented space. Maybe that made it all the sweeter.

Leigh Ann said...


My heart overflows at the thought of how good God is. Last year was so difficult for you and look at this year! He has redeemed every pain and sorrow to bring about his purpose and his best for your life.I am praising him along with you. I know all of your blog friends would love to hear the details of how God has brought about these changes and gifts to your life, but I know there are things that you want to keep private. Thank you for sharing what you have felt comfortable!

Love, Leigh Ann
Charlotte, NC

Elenka said...

I checked out that store...reminds me of a story about 30 years ago, when we bought our land. My sister, in another state, bought us 50 evergreens from someone at work. Told us to drive the 6 hours there and to bring our van so that we could lug the 50 trees back.
So we did.....well...all the trees were each about 10" tall and all fit in a grocery paper bag!

Shira said...


Congratulations on your purchase! How thrilling it must be!

Much love,


One Woman's Journey said...

I smile - because I did this years ago when I was must younger. Then I left for the big city. I have returned home to the country in my 70th year. I am once again creating my gardens.
What joy you will have and I know in my heart that you have a wonderful future. God is good. He never let me down and he will not you!!