Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tagged on Black Tuesday

Seriously. I'm doing everything I can over here to distract myself from the rapidly-approaching reality that Gilmore Girls ends tonight. Tonight. I'm not ready. I'm not emotionally prepared. For the past seven years, Tuesday has been my best day of the week. I'm not sure what I'll do now. (Dramatic sigh)

It started just after college, when I left my job as a reporter for a small ABC station and moved to the big city. As I vied for a job in the Dallas market, I waited tables, answered phones for VarTec Telecom and ... waited tables. But every Tuesday night, no matter what was going on, my small circle of friends and I would meet at Boston's and talk the guys out of a big-screen TV for an hour. Oh, the fun we had! We'd eat pizza and burgers and tacos and laugh and talk and watch. Later, after I got my big job and others went on to grad school and law school, we'd still talk most Tuesday nights... catching up on the show and each other. Even now... now that we're oil and gas brokers and teachers and lawyers, we still keep up - on the show and each other.

Okay. Let's change the subject before I start to cry. Hmmm. What to say? What. To. Say? Okay. It's supposed to rain today. That's something. There's a 40% chance of wet stuff. And ... um... I forgot to take the garbage out. Again. And... oh! I got tagged! Kathy's Cottage and Lana
tagged me, and while I usually don't like to play by the rules, today's the day for it. So here we go... seven weird things about myself, right?

1. Spell check always catches my name and tries to change it to "Brain". I laugh every time.

2. I like to make my own handmade... whatevers... when I can. Jam, quilts, body scrub, pin cushions... I like to make it all. My neighbor thought I was crazy last fall when I gathered pecan shells - empty, hulled out ones. "You know those aren't good, right?" she asked. "Yep. I'm grinding them in my coffee grinder and adding them to body lotion as exfoliants," I said. Duh. If Dr. Bigelow can use walnut shells, I can use pecan.... Also, my Mom and I pieced this pin cushion together from an Indygo Junction pattern using scraps from some of y'alls aprons. I love it.

3. I get poison ivy several times a year. I have it now. I think the fact that I can get poison ivy just looking at the stuff and my brother can't get it when he rolls in the stuff proves there is a God. When I get to heaven, I plan on asking God about poison ivy.

4. I love comfort food. Oatmeal, roast and potatoes, meatloaf, pot pies, Tex-Mex (down here, that's comfort food)... I love it all. My favorite way to cook is to play around with recipes that have been in my family forever. Like mashed potatoes with a tarragon cream butter. Pot roast with chipotle gravy. Chicken pot pie with cipollini onions and red carrots. When you come for a visit, expect to eat like that. (By the way, this oatmeal is really good. My recipe link is above. Spice it up by adding some cinnamon in with the oats before they cook.)

5. I read cookbooks in bed at night. I also read patterns and knitting books. I'm like a granny.

6. I'm ready for Christmas. Already. Usually by June I'm thinking of which tree to put where, and what theme I'll do for the holidays. Last year I did A Dicken's Christmas, which was incredible when we gathered around the organ near the flickering tree and sang Good King Wenceslas. Priceless. This year I'm doing Vintage Christmas. I can't wait.

7. I have all the Gilmore Girls on DVD. So while I cry about what I'll do next Tuesday evening, we all know I'll stick in a DVD and pretend like this cataclysmic end never came. I'm like the old lady who keeps ironing while a tornado takes off the top of her home. If I don't acknowledge it, it's not really happening. (Smile)

Still with me? Wow. I'm honored. Kathy and Lana, I hope that suffices. I look forward to reading how the rest of you are weird, too.

Gotta scoot. Tonight's a big night! --Brin


betty r said...

Hi Brin..I remembered, not Brain...lol I love your blog, I'm hooked!!...you are such an awesome writer.
Saw your pic of a bowl of oatmeal but haven't checked how you make it...have you tried Steel Cut oats? Sooo good!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin! It's been awhile since I've commented, but I have to tell you that I'm with you on the sad end-of-Gilmore Girls black Tuesday. This morning, my son gave me a packet of tissues, and he said "for tonight." He knows me too well. Anyway, I'm glad I am in good company! Take care, Linda

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Brin,
Thanks for the kind comments. My lavender is very easy to grow, just neglect it and put it in poor soil :>) Hope you had fun with your "7 weird things". It is funny to find people who are such kindred spirits and who like the same things out there in blogland. What a great network of fun people! Enjoy GG tonight, I'll be watching with my girls.

Rhoda said...

Hey, Brin! I'm just catching up & it was fun reading your 7 things. Love the Brain thing! That's hilarious. I didn't watch Gilmore Girls, but I've heard about it. Sorry you're in mourning!

Southern Hospitality

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

What a crazy thing! I've been all excited about SPRING & now I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to put up the Christmas Tree! I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan too - always was my favorite show to watch with my son. I had to quit watching when he left for UT in Austin - not the same watching without him....I miss him & I miss the show!
Enjoy it!

Suzanne said...

Hi, my name is Suzanne and I was a 'Gilmore Girls' addict,... until we moved.
Now we can't get the channel any longer and I have had to rent in on Netflix.
So sad.

..and that's too funny about the Spell check "correcting" your name to brain.

Sue said...

Good morning Brin!! I hope I didn't get your hopes up on your last post about GG, I did hear it was saved, but just yesterday I heard it was not for sure. I too have been attached to shows like that, just something about them that we connect with. Hugs to you!!

Deb said...

Hi Brin
Just catching up on your last few posts ~ I loved 'The Letters' - what fantastic finds & your sweet post to your Mum was lovely. My daughter & I are also fans of Gilmore Girls ...hopefully the re-runs will start soon.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oooooo, Vintage Christmas?! I look forward to seeing!
I am a huge Christmas fan, and put up lots of trees ....... and I especially love vintage Christmas decor!