Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Freeman House Entry B&AA

Life is full and overflowing with the new.
But it is necessary to empty out the old
to make room for the new to enter.
-Eileen Caddy

Wow, did Freeman House prove that quote to be true. And then some.

I was reflecting sometime during the chaotic weekend that I didn't even know the house had her original front door and transom windows until after closing. There was so much stuff piled in front of the door... on the inside of the door... that the door wasn't even visible until the piles were hauled away. It was sort of like an excavation, cleaning out this house. Oh, the stuff we found! And oh... the stuff we found. (Shudder)

I've had a lot of people in and out of the house over the past several days, and two of them casually remarked, "I can't believe you live here." Only they said it kinda like one would say, "I can't believe you kill frolicking puppies for fun." I wanted to roll them in bales of itchy insulation and force some of my before pictures on them.

But I didn't. I will, however, show you. Because I think you get it, don't you? The allure of a diamond in the rough? Regardless, as the picture above was the Freeman House Entry before, here it is almost after:

The wood floors need to be refinished, and the crown moulding has to be removed and hung again. But otherwise, besides decorating, it's done. We got a lot accomplished Saturday, but an unforeseen electrical issue has me this far (pinch thumb and index finger together) from having the house brightly lit. But boy, has it come so far!

Gosh. I have the most hectic week ever. Do you? Business calls me out of town tomorrow and Friday, and though I have a lot I want to show and share (homemade Strawberry Vanilla Jam... Rooting your own rosemary cuttings... A new quilt pattern...). In due course, I suppose.

In the meantime, it's Tuesday... my best day of the week. Hope you all enjoy yours, too! -Brin


Lana said...

Wow Brin ~ what a transformation! Your home is certainly transforming into a real beauty!
You've been tagged ~ if you already have been, please disregard, but I still wanted others to read your wonderful devotionals.

Sue said...

Brin, I do get it and wish it was me! Hopefully someday I can find grand ole dame and bring her back to life like you are, it's amazing what you've done and don't let anyone tell you any different! Looking forward to things to come!

Southern Heart said...

Wow...wow! I'm speechless...that is an amazing transformation! I still think that you and that house were blessed to have found each other! :)


Rhoda said...

Brin, I just love that entry shot. Yes, we get it! I totally can see what drew you to Freeman House...she is a beautiful lady who just needed some TLC & you're giving it to her.

A. Rhoda
Southern Hospitality

April said...

Did you hear my squeal of delight when I scrolled down and saw that second photo? I'm sure the neighbors did! Andrea said it best...this is an amazing transformation! It is such a joy to watch the process of this neglected house become a beautiful nest for you.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

We do get it! And we appreciate your sharing your Freeman House with us ~ before, during, after ~ all of it!

Terrillyn said...

It's hard to believe that those two photos are of the same space. Magnificent job.

Lacy said...

WOW...like everyone else...WOW......just want to say...you are SO brave & courageous!!....more brave than I was @ your age!!...the young women of today ARE so strong & confident!!..keep following your dreams..you're a wonderful role model...Lacy

carole said...

oh this is super fun seeing the change- what an awesome entry! fabulous job,you should be very proud of yourself Brin :)

Betty said...

Brin, girl you just ignore remarks made by people who just 'don't get it." They can't see what it can be......You've done a fantastic job......