Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Simple Beauty

If you get simple beauty and naught else,
you get about the best thing God invents.
-Robert Browning

The Victorias came yesterday! I'm wrapped in a world of simple beauty here. Seriously. Should you boldly dare to venture into the Freeman House study, you might first have to navigate the newly-constructed maze of stacked, flowery magazines and apron and handbag scraps. The atmosphere here is one of excitement and lovely things. It's wonderful! I'm blessed.

By the way, speaking of excitement, I've added a few original, handmade pieces to the Freeman House Etsy site. Some aprons... some quilted neck-and-back herbal pillows... and this, the Creamsicle Clutch:

I have some other fantastic fabric for several other clutch bags (some will be less girly, but fantastic nonetheless). Since I sew them entirely by hand they take an entire evening, but they have this light, fresh, I'm-simplifying-my-lovely-life feel that I'm suddenly craving. I made myself one because the other night I wanted to walk downtown to our old-timey movie theatre and catch a flick, but didn't want to drag my bulky purse along. Voila! The spring/summer clutch was born, and proved perfect for my downsizing/I-just-want-to-carry-my-keys-and-cellphone-and-lip-gloss kind of mood. I can't wait to show you more!

Of course, there are new aprons, too. (They're going fast, though. I've sold two already this morning. Look fast!) I just love these aprons. So functional. So flirty. And I have it in my head somewhere that throwing these over disheveled jeans and a stained tee shirt still leaves me looking like Holly Golightly. Hmm. In my mind, anyway.

So... better be off to the post. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday (our best day, remember). Each of you are in my thoughts and prayers... whether I know your name or not! Brin

(P.S. If anyone caught the original post for today before I took it down, my apologies. Just seemed a little too heavy... and personal... to keep!)


Littlepenpen said...

I found your blog through another blog page and love it! It is so wonderful to find "young" Christian people these days. I love your blog! Love the apron!
God bless!

Sue said...

Such a pretty apron and clutch purse too, you do such neat work and it' so nice to see that aprons are popular again!

Jo said...

Since you last mentioned Victoria I have won a couple from Ebay too, they have not arrived yet so I'm still in the dark about them but am looking forward to reading them. Love the little clutch bag!

Rhoda said...

Hi, Brin, so glad you stopped by my blog. What I wrote originally, was that I was really inspired after reading some of your posts to see that you are a wonderful writer & express yourself so well. I loved hearing about Freeman House & hope you will post some pics (I didn't see any, if there are any posted)...would love to see this old house that you are fixing up. I instantly added you to my favorite blogs, so I can come back & catch up with you often. I was just impressed with your originality & your faith in the Lord. That's so refreshing in this day & time. Please come back & see me again too!

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