Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Annual Cupcake Day

Don't spit on my cupcake and tell me
it's frosting.
-Judge Judy

I hereby declare today, April 11, as 'Annual Cupcake Day' at Freeman House. Enter at your own risk.

First thing you should know today: I haven't had any coffee yet. The second part of the first thing is... no - I did not make or take any of these pictures. My camera is off today, apparently, telling me that it cannot "complete file transfer" and some such, so I am without original photos. I will have to share my new herbal knowledge (including how to easily root rosemary and brew your own blend of tea) another day. Oh well.

Second thing: I promise I am not trying to mercilessly torture us... you and me. I'm just offering up proof that a girl must have an annual cupcake day, at minimum, to be truly satisfied in this life. Exhibit A: the cupcake uploaded on Pam Garrison's flickr group yesterday. Doesn't just one look at that baked beauty have you daydreaming of lovely things already?

Not long ago I discovered that cupcakes are my very favorite dessert. Really. When planning my wedding I decided I wanted to do a tower of buttercream cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. I got neither. I'm still bent on having a cupcake tower, gosh to Pete, if I have to invent an occasion. (Like an Annual Cupcake Day at Freeman House.)

So here goes. I will be spending the entire late afternoon paying homage to the first Annual Cupcake Day. I will be establishing the official dessert of Freeman House. I will be dusting off my favorite cupcake recipe and littering the house with cupcake liners. After mixing in ideas from Martha Stewart's A Whole Year of Cupcakes , I will add Alicia Paulson's Cloudburst Frosting to the party. Together my recipes, liners, frosting and sprinkles and I will have a blast. There will be a mini tower of cupcakes before the days end. And when I am finished, we will have reached cupcake heaven, and the nursing home by the highway will have lots of sugar to contend with.

Sure wish you were here. I can honestly think of nothing better than a sunny spring day of cupcakes with you! Next year, I will invite you all in advance. We'll make a day of it. A glorious cupcake day of it..


Sue said...

Oh, I love your way to thinking and a annual cupcake day is a great idea, can't wait to see that tower of calories!! Save me one! lol

Amber said...

Let me know and I will bring cupcakes too!!! I love red velvet cupcakes with homemade icing. I will have to make you some sometime, I know you will love them too.


Anonymous said...

i vote you for president of the world and MaryJane for vice. between the two of you we'd have a great world to live in. love your cupcake day and hope to be part next year. connie

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes ROCK! I had a friend that considered doing the same thing (with cupcakes) at her wedding reception...but, was overruled by her new hubby! They had a tower of donuts instead...yep, donuts! Go figure!

Diane Duda said...

what do these husbands have against cupcakes anyway!
i'm just crabby because I NEVER got my coffee today. somehow i let us run out. i could really use a cupcake. :(

Naturegirl said...

Love the image of the second cupcake..too pretty to eat!

carole said...

oh yes, a cupcake day! I am putting it on my calendar for next year~don't think I won't!! :)