Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Messy, Thrilling Day

I named this blog My Messy, Thrilling Life because my days usually fall into one of those two categories: messy or thrilling. Yesterday was both.

The day was messy. Very much so. I broke two rakes, two sewing machine needles, and one glass. After (unknowingly) planting my right foot in a bed of fire ants, I raced to the outdoor shower and got my feet impossibly muddy to help relieve the stinging. It worked, but I looked like mud wrestler. Or a naughty 3 year-old. Yep, very messy.

But the thrilling part was equally as dramatic. (And almost as thrilling as these roses, which I told you yesterday keep blowing in the wind. Fabulous, right?)

Yes, no sooner had I moved here than I began hearing the name "Eva". Eva, apparently, is a chef whose family owns a civil war-era farmstead not 5 miles from Freeman House. I've heard stories about Eva for three years now and have secretly wished for an invitation to visit her place. It came yesterday.

So thanks to Sondra -the person I hope to be after having a few more birthdays - we dined on Eva's pumpkin soup, salmon with pesto sauce, and potato gratin. We were joined at the farmstead by Rod McAllister, Washington D.C.'s President of the USADF - the United States African Development Fund. His astoundingly polite and conversational British wife and teenage kids were there, too, and together we talked Tanzanian art, organic gardening, comb-overs, and iced tea vs. hot tea. It was a perfect night.

I got to thinking - after I got home - how much friends (like Sondra) and new faces (like the McAllisters) and astoundingly talented people (like all of them... including Chef Eva) - contribute to our lives. I mean, I'm blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful friends. My life wouldn't be nearly as thrilling without each and every one of you - whether we had dinner last night or meet here at my blog when we get the chance. You are special to me, and I value our friendship!
(Including you, Brian. Happy, happy, happy 33rd! I have a little surprise for you today. And I'll see you at the game!)

Yep. Friends.... Life. Whew! They can be so messy and thrilling, can't they? And to be honest, I wouldn't take my days any other way....


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you write about "friends"! I was telling a friend about your site - and referred to YOU as "a friend"! My husband thought that was weird! He laughed and said, "How do you know she is not really an 80 year old man!" I said, "Well, that is one talented 80 year old man - makes the cutest aprons I have ever seen!" ha! But, it does sound funny to consider you a "friend" - when we have never met....guess that is one of those kindred connections women have...thank you, Jesus!
Have a great day, MY FRIEND!

Amber said...

Friends are a blessing however they come into your life. I wouldn't take anything for the friends that I have for they are my family, too!

Have a lovely day! God Bless!


Sue said...

I have to agree with Kelly, I often refer to my blog buddies as friends because you are, I've learned, shared, inspired and listened, to me that's friendship! I'm so blessed with many friends, including you Brin! Your night sounded wonderful and I do enjoy your messy, thrilling life!

Beach Girl said...

I do the same thing.....refer to you all as my friends. I look forward to reading posts & seeing pictures daily. You and all of my friends, whether they are close by or far way bloggers, truly are a blessing.


Karl said...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner at Greer Farm. Thanks for commenting on the blog.