Monday, September 7, 2020

What He Said

Come to Me,
all you who labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
-Jesus, Matthew 11:28

He didn't say:

            Come to Me, all you who
                            Have a meal plan
                            Got your finances in order
                            Stay caught up on laundry
                            Hit your goal weight

He didn't say:

            Come to Me, all you who
                            Are killing it at your job
                            Have the perfect home life
                            Keep your house spotless
                            Are a model spouse/parent/sibling

He didn't say:

            Come to Me, all you who
                            Never lose it
                            Got the credit cards paid off
                            Have it all figured out
                            Are living your best life now
No. He didn't say any of those things.   

He DID say:

               Come to Me, all you who
                            Labor (weary)
                            Are heavy laden (carrying big burdens)
If this Labor Day finds you weary - finds you carrying heavy burdens at home... at work... in your heart - Jesus has a place for you. It's next to Him. The Savior of those who are tired, overworked, weak, and weighed down. 

Take heart, fellow laborer. We have a Savior who has a place of rest for us. Go to Him. Carry your weariness and your worries to Him. 
                            He wants them. 
                            He wants you
                            He said so.

                                                        Monday Moment is a little devotional to help kick start your week. See you again next time!


Patsy from Illinois said...

I just stumbled or should I say restumbled on your blog. I used to read your blog when you were at Freeman house. You have a great writing style. Glad I found this again.

Kacie said...

Thank you for this. Between the general difficulties of 2020 and a hurricane that has left my family strewn about like tattered rags on a clothesline, I needed this reminder.

Betty said...

a heartfelt thank you!!

Lulu said...

hope you are back soon...