Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday Moment: Right Where We Are

Ah, Monday. We meet again.

And you and I... we do, too. :) Hey there. How are you? I'm glad to see you back. How's your day looking? Mine's looking like a long day of cleaning and laundry and trying to wage war on farm mess + dirt + mud in the house. And I have about 10 quarts of peas to can for the pantry for winter. Agh. You know, farm life.

Which brings me to the point of today's Monday Moment, because something lit up my faith radar recently and it has me even more fascinated with how God sees and how God loves you and me as women, especially.

It's this: when God encountered women in the Bible, He sought us out and showed up in the minutia of our daily lives. And instead of telling us, "Follow me", or "go", as He did many men, He seems to have met many women where we were, encountered us, and strengthened us to continue in our lives and circumstances.

I mean, look at Hagar. Mary. Anna. The woman at the well. Women going about their day-to-day lives. In the midst of their own crisis, their own heartbreak, their own sin. All in the midst of their own stories. And then Love Himself showed up on the scene of their daily grind.

To Abram, He said: "Go." To Jonah, He said, "Go". To Peter and Andrew, Jesus said: "Come." To the disciples, "Follow me." And later, "Go." But I can find few instances in Scripture where God made the same call to women. He worked in and through us where we were. Was it because of the role of women and the culture of the times? Was it due to the circumstances of the women? Was it because He sees us differently?

Of course, I'm not suggesting that God has never or will never call women to go... or otherwise disrupt our lives in the course of following Him. That's ludicrous. What I am saying is that He beautifully seeks us out in the midst of the obligations we shoulder and the reality of our days, and He meets with us there: in the wilderness (Hagar), at church (Anna), on our errands (woman at the well).

Obviously there is much we could pick apart and discuss on the topic. But here's the message to tuck in your heart pocket today: He sees right where you are. And He loves you right where you are. And He is known to be a God who will show up in the midst of it all.

Take heart. Lift your weary head, dear one. You are divinely seen. You are intimately known. You are eternally loved. Right where you are.


If you have a few moments and your heart could use it, give this a listen today. It got me.

Monday Moment is a little devotional to help kick start your week. See you again next time!


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Anonymous said...

I know you've heard this ad nauseam through the years, but honestly, need to write a book. You could weave together your blog posts into such a lovely devotional. Your words are salve to the weary heart.


Betty said...

I agree a devotional book.. yes!!
He sees right where we are, he loves us right where we are and He is right there..that is powerful and comforting.
Thank you for the reminder Brin!

Betty said...
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LeAnne said...

This is so inspiring. As a woman, sometimes we feel so alone or weak or helpless as we battle our way through life. Mine has been messy at times, but along the years I've learned quite a lot. Would have been easier if I had learned it sooner. LOL I must admit I'm not a consistent blog reader....too much to read, watch, check up on, but your blog was one of the first ones I found back in 2007, I think it was. I kept up for a few years and then FaceBook and Farmville came along and I was hooked. Now I am in my 80s (although I don't look it quite yet) and I'm going back to old blog friends, of which you are one. My sincere sadness and condolences for your loss of Frankie and Charlie. As I mentioned above, sometimes women can feel weak or lonely, but God is always with us and he sent you a helpmate, your husband. I must stop talking now and read some of your blog that I've missed.
Your blog reader friend,