Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Back From the Fair (Sans Cow)

Oh friends. I have so much to tell you and so much to write down now that I'm back from my time at the Fair and visiting loved ones. So much.

Until I can sit down and get it all down, I thought you might enjoy seeing this sweet little Jersey cow. (Full grown! Is anything cuter than a miniature milk cow?) My Dad and I visited her several times during our days at the fair, and had she not been $3,000 and already sold, I know we would have tried to find a way to get her home.

Some girls buy shoes. Me? Coffee, books, plants, and now homestead animals and equipment, apparently. Glory.

Talk soon, promise. Happy March!


Sherry said...

a miniature milk cow?! swOon fAint thUd.
i'm sure my back yard needs a little darlin'
such as the one pictured. and i'm sure my
evelyn pooch would love her. what a sweet
little cow. :)

Christine said...

That is the sweetest little cow!

Brin said...

Hi Sherry and Christine,

Right?! So sweet. I'm dreaming and scheming of how to get one like her. I'm even already thinking of names. Ha. ;) Thanks for being here!