Monday, November 23, 2015

Tune Up

The piano tuner is here today. He's been here for over 4 hours, striking each ivory key over and over and winding the copper strings with his tuning hammer. bing bing bing bing bing Two strings have broken, which made me almost cry because now the piano restoration guy has to come out and replace them and ouch! It's all expensive. But what a beautiful sound is coming from this old beauty already. Can't wait for carols at the spinet this Christmas.

This past week was insanely busy. One of those weeks where you realize, at dinner time, that you never got around to eating your (now soggy mush) cereal. I think we had pizza two or three nights last week. It was that non-stop. I've been looking forward to this Thanksgiving week for so long. It's time for a rest, folks. Let's take a rest.

Thank you... thank you so much... for all the Etsy orders last week. I had so much fun knitting things especially for y'all. My only regret was that the Thanksgiving cloths were so few; next year I'll do much better, I promise. And for Christmas this year, too. I'm going to be Mrs. Brinknitsalot this week. (Such a burden, right? Ha.) Last night, I made egg nog and some of my favorite cookies and watched the Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network and knitted. So relaxing! Looking forward to several similar nights this week.

How about you? Doing anything special for Thanksgiving? I hope wherever you are and whoever is around, you'll feel the peace and comfort that only God can bring. Special prayers this week for those who are missing someone. 

Sounds like the piano tuner is nearly done. Better get back in there. Have a wonderful Monday evening. -Brin


Gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the families.

Adrienne said...

I always love coming here to share your thoughts. You remind me that my piano is desperately in need of tuning. Your week sounds like my last week - hardly stopped except to drop into bed at night. We are going to our son's home for Thanksgiving Dinner, along with my dear, little ninety-two-year-old mother. Our daughter and her family will be there so all eight of our grandkids will be with us this year for the first time in awhile. We have so much to give thanks for. Wishing you a wonderful day of Thanksgiving.

Betty said...

This is a happy place to come to. I have been crocheting up dishcloths for Christmas gifts. Yours are very pretty, I would have to add they are neater looking than mine:) Our Thanksgiving was in October so I'm fully into Christmas preparations now.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby!

debbie said...

Can't wait to see what u create giving away as gifts need to order more