Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Freeman House the Second??

She woke each morning with a glow of hope,
not because a new dream had been born,
but knowing the one she carried
inside her heart would last.
-Jodi Hills, An Imperfect Life

I've had a secret, but now I'm telling you: I found a house. But not just any house. The house. I think I've found the house.

She reminds me of Freeman House- heavy wood floors, thick window panes, awkward rooms, soaring ceilings. But unlike Freeman House, someone hasn't abandoned her. In 2013, a nurse took pity on this house and gave her new electrics, a new roof, and a good leveling. What she hasn't had the time or inclination to do is give this old beauty her life back. 

Late in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, as it rained, we met the realtor and signed a contract. Are you sure? he asked, searching my face.

Absolutely, I answered. I've waited for this day.

Well, he replied, We should know by Wednesday

Wednesday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday.

So tomorrow, my birthday, is the day we hope to hear if we got Freeman House the Second.

Could y'all do this all again? We could be in for quite an adventure....

(A few things of note: like Freeman House, this house needs a major facelift, inside and out. And also like Freeman House, it sits in town on a third of an acre, with old rose bushes and ivy. Unlike Freeman House, this girl is on a corner lot, has a detached storage building/cottage, and is close enough to the ground that a donkey can't get stuck underneath it. Win!)


Melodee said...

Oh, I hope you get it! I found your blog when you were still at Freeman House and I fell in love with it right along with you and probably shed a few tears when you had to give her up. I hope your birthday wish comes true.

Terri Steffes said...

Eek! I loved the Freeman house! I am eager to hear, don't keep us waiting! Happy birthday on Wednesday! That's fun, too! I sure can go along for another adventure!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I absolutely can do this again! Congrats Brin! I'm so excited, and I hope it all works out perfectly.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

May the sweet little house be yours to turn into a home full of love, peace and joy.

What a birthday present!

Happy Birthday and Happy Closing!


Kacie said...

I seriously just squealed at my desk. Fingers crossed and prayers going up. Happy (early) birthday!

sherry said...

oh brin - your heart has been longing for a fine place to call home. i'm hoping this is it. praying so. looking forward to learning .. early birthday blessings. :) sherry

Debi said...

Fingers crossed for Freeman the Second!

Unknown said...

WOOHOO!!!! I think I've been waiting as long as you have to go on another Fixer Upper adventure!! The perfect birthday gift for life, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you and us, I can't wait to get started!!!

Patsy from Illinois said...

I loved hearing about the Freeman house and I know we will love hearing about this one too. Good luck and may God bless you!

Diane said...

What a sweet house! Praying that God will bless you extremely on your birthday and that everything works out just fine!!!!



Betty said...

Oh yes we can do this again! Hoping and praying it all works out for you.
Happy Birthday Brin..wishing you a wonderful day and the best news!!

Susan said...

oh & another ps. Happy, happy birthday xoxo

SDQuilter said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you will soon be a new home owner!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Happy birthday :) I hope she is yours soon. Can't wait to read about your adventures xx

Brin said...

Ooooooh! Yay! Thank you all so very much. :)

I inadvertently deleted two sweet comments and don't want the authors to think it was intentional, so from Susan:

Oh my, Hooray ! & that would be pronounced HOOray !! Fingers, toes & many paws crossed here in Nova Scotia Today is Wednesday ... EEK ! don't keep us in suspense too long please ;-)

And from Adrienne:

I am praying that the doors have opened wide for you to have this sweet house. Happy birthday, my friend. What a wonderful gift she would be! I'm ready to go on another adventure with you.

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes and excitement. You ladies mean the world to me. :)