Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Giraffes and Birthdays and Summer and I'm A Terrible Blogger

I know, I know. I'm a terrible blogger.

Later this week, I promise to come back and fill y'all in on my summer. It's been...- insert that one perfect word I can't come up with to describe this summer here-. Yeah boy.

In the meantime, please occupy yourself with beholding the giraffe I cobbled together from this pattern for our niece, Ella. She turned four on Sunday. When I asked what she wanted for her birthday, all I got was a long pause...and then something about "raffes".

Our other niece's birthday is in three weeks. She requested an elephant. Looks like felt and fabric pieces will continue to be swept under the couch for awhile.

See y'all soon. Honest. -Brin


Lisa R said...

Yes, come back Brin! You are missed. The "Raffe" is absolutely adorable~

Melodee said...

I am always happy to see you pop up on my reader! That giraffe is beyond cute - looks like something you would be able to purchase from Kathleen Kelly's little book store in the movie You've Got Mail.

sherry said...

you're wonderfully real!!!
love it.

Kacie said...

I was getting worried 'bout ya! Love the giraffe! Who needs or Toys 'R Us? :-)

Unknown said...

You know I'm always happy to see your posts!!

Adrienne said...

I've wondered how you are doing. Can't wait to hear more of your doings. The giraffe has always been a favorite of mine! Love the one you made for Ella. One of my grandons called them ger-af-es when he was little. It's hard to call them anything else now that he's a pre-teen!

Betty said...

Always good to hear from you Brin but it's okay, summer is a busy time. Enjoy it and don't worry about blogging until you have time!
Cute 'raffe' :)