Saturday, June 7, 2014

No. Just...No.

Sauerkraut is tolerant, for it seems to be a well of contradictions.
-Julien Freund

Let me tell you about a well of contradictions. Because I can. Oh, can I!

First of all, sauerkraut is not tolerant. At all. Does it look pretty in the garden? Yes. Is it fun when you cut it open? Uh-huh. But I tried to make sauerkraut, y'all. I narrowed my eyes and cracked my knuckles and sharpened my knife and I tried. After carefully picking, washing and slicing my home-grown heads, I salted and pounded and cheese-cloth'd and waited and ... ... and... Sauerkraut does not naturally happen like all those online recipes say. My batch sat for two weeks and never so much as changed color. Still green. Still crisp-ish. Still... odd. I threw it in the back compost before anyone discovered it and mercilessly teased me. Or, heaven forbid, ate it.

You know those girls who make their own poptarts and tea blends and such? You girls ridiculously rock. For me, some things are just better from the store.

Well of contradictions. Harrumph....


Gail said...

There is nothing worse then the smell of cooked cabbage let alone sauerkraut.

April@MySacredSojourn said...

I tried making my own too and it never fermented properly. We tossed it in the compost as well. The process was gratifying, but the product? Notsomuch.

Betty said...

I love sauerkraut but don't make Mom made it every year and it was so delicious. As for me I just buy much easier:)

Brin said...

April- right?! I so know that feeling. If you ever try it again, please let me know. Maybe we can attempt it together. :)

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

My parents used to make sauerkraut in an old crock I'd stand at the top of the stairs and watch them take the rock and plate off (it had to covered and weighted) and then they'd peel a scum off of the top. I don't know how long they did it for or what they added besides salt but it was so yummy when finished.

On a side note, store bought sauerkraut is good but have you ever added caraway seeds? You must try it. I believe it's "polish style".