Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This, The Other Typist

Y'all. Help.

Have you read this book? This, The Other Typist? This bewildering, infuriating, utterly fascinating novel?

It's been several weeks since I first heard of Suzanne Rindell's first (and thus far, only) book. I considered buying it but decided against it; don't I have more important things to read right now? But over my birthday weekend, I relented. I bought this... this...  I don't know. This, The Other Typist.

At first, you're sort of reading it and thinking about what you'll have for dinner. And that you really should paint your nails because, gaw, they look terrible. The next thing you know, you're flipping pages like you're searching for a number in a phone book. You're scowling at anyone/thing who dare interrupts. You care about the characters, but then again not really. You sympathize with them, but then not at all. You totally know what's coming, and then... what?!! Is my copy missing pages?! It's over LIKE THAT?!

I have never been so astonished-frustrated-delighted-taken with a book's conclusion in my life.

You should know, if you haven't ventured it yet, that The Other Typist is one of those unreliable narrator reads. Like The Lace Reader, which I adored. And apparently like Gone Girl, but I haven't gone there. To me, this book is Half Broken Things meets The Lace Reader. In other words, dark and perplexing and utterly stand-alone in a room full of books. If you like that sort of read.

And word is, Keira Knightley is producing and starring in the upcoming movie. It's been "in development" since January.

So... again: help. Have you read it? And what did you think? I have a theory, but I'll save it for the comments.


vintage girl at heart said...

Oh this book sounds really good.
I'll have to see if our local library has a copy. :)
Gone Girl was a total disappointment for me. I am an avid reader and I struggled to get through it. Rent it don't buy it :).

shoegirl said...

I haven't read (or even heard of) this book, but now I'm intrigued. I'll have to visit ye olde Barnes & Noble this weekend!

Betty said...

I too have not heard of this book..but sure am interested in seeeing what it's all about.

Betty said...

I too have not heard of this book..but sure am interested in seeeing what it's all about.

Susan said...

Hi Brin, I'm so glad you're back to regular blogging the royal "we" have missed you. Love, LOVE the new sight - it's beautiful. I've added this book to my library request list & am wondering if you've read "the Goldfinch" yet. 700 pages of goodness. xo from far away Nova Scotia

Brin said...

Hi everyone! Definitely read up on it to see if it's something that might interest you.

Susan- I haven't read The Goldfinch. Should I? Why did you like it? :) -Brin

rachel said...

YES. I loved The Other Typist. I listened to it as an audiobook narrated by Gretchen Moll, it was wonderful.
And yep, like you I had to re-wind and listen to the end again. I still don't know what to make of it. I think it needs a re-read/listen ;)

Susan said...

Hey Brin ! I love a big fat, long contemporary story - it's my favourite genre of fiction. A gripping story, fascinating (though damaged) characters, a love story, some tragedy ... here's a more succinct reason/review of why it should nbe on your reading list.

ps. I am familiar with many of the books you've read in the past. Also highly recommend joint (if so friend me please ;-) it's a great place to learn about new books + keep track of your read and to-read lists.