Monday, October 8, 2012

The Seven Chicks

I ended up with seven chicks: 2 brown, 2 white, one gray, one with brown/black stripes, and one black. And oh! So fluffy and adorable! Especially that lone little black one there. I'll take better pictures soon, but for now I'm trying to leave them under that warm, red bulb and close to their adoptive Mama. They come out from under her wings only to peck at food, crowd around the water, and play. Then it's back under Mama.

It was a wonderful weekend, taking cocoa to the hen house and watching the chicks. It was calming... oddly soothing, somehow... and I became engrossed in watching the new life, watching them waddle and peck and flap their tiny wings for the first time. I wish everyone- children, especially- could have that moment, too.

Today I'm working at finishing this quilt... finally!... and putting together another round of knitted goodies for my online shop. That, and baking bread and putting together a chicken spaghetti. I think some hot comfort food is in order to keep this cozy magic about the place.

Hope your day is cozy. -Brin


Becky K. said...

I agree that it is a blessing to watch hens and chicks. I've spent a lot of time with ours over the past few years. Enjoy!! There are also many life lessons to be learned from these sweet birds.

Christine said...

I'm so happy for your little cluck-cluck family! I wish I could enjoy the same. Give them each a little rub and pat for me!

Anonymous said...

good post, added you to my RSS reader.

Chanda said...

Congrats Brin. Myhens are setting this year too. I now have had 2 hatches and 2 more to go with one hopefully hatching today if I am right about when I first noticed her setting on a clutch of eggs. This is so unusual for Spring pullets to be setting. So weird, maybe it has something to do with the terrible drought we suffered all Spring and Summer, the flowering bushes are reblooming again too for fall. So weird but, I take it. Such fun watching the hen and her babies I agree.

Betty said...

What a nice photo, Brin! I love chickens of any size:) Your place does sound cozy..keep warm!