Monday, May 14, 2012

Apple Blossom Pony Dreams

This is Colonel Heaven's Monday morning face. I don't think the Colonel is a fan of Mondays. 

.     .     .     .     .

Years ago, I read an article in Country Home magazine that's never left me. It was about a girl who ditched the city in favor of an apple orchard complete with a pony and some flighty chickens. I remember that the girl wore a messy ensemble of tights, skirt, flannel shirt, knit hat and the coolest jacket I'd ever seen. She made caramel apples and gave kids pony rides. I was enthralled. In my mind, this girl was it. I wanted to meet her, secretly hoping some of that crazy charm would rub off on me and chickens and a cool jacket would magically appear.

In the passing years I've lost the article. I can't shake the essence of it, though- it's stamped on my mind. This morning, as I was scattering food for the chickens and contemplating where to plant spearmint runners, I thought of that fearless girl. I wondered if she's out there somewhere, walking through her apple trees and brushing her pony.

Here's to us messy women everywhere, and the apple blossom/pony dreams we chase.  -Brin


Adrienne said...

Maybe she's reading this and you will find her! Think Colonel Heaven might be allergic to Mondays.

Unknown said...

I sure do miss that magazine and that article sounds like a good one!!! More power to messy women!!!

BecMama said...

Brin, don't you know? You are that Apple Tree Pony Girl to Me. I so very much missed you while you were gone. And my heals clicked with joy to see you return. Keep livin my friend, you do it well and inspire by it!

myletterstoemily said...

i bet you look just as
compelling as she did!

shoegirl said...


I second what BecMama said.

Bethanie said...

This post makes me happy. :) And that's just what I thought of YOU! When I first ran across your blog years ago in the freeman house days... :)