Friday, May 27, 2011

The last of the spring peas are in. Tomorrow the row will be turned under, tended and replanted with a different crop. I love the cycle- and the fleeting produce- of spring.

Although I have a mechanical pea sheller (right?! How many single 30-something girls do you know with a mechanical pea sheller?) I prefer to shell them by hand. At least when it's a bushel or less. But I'm not sure whether I'll freeze or can this last picking. May run by Easy To Can and download their handy PDF and pressure can these jewels. We'll see.

Things have been so crazy down here lately- pea picking aside. My oil and gas consulting business has become popular in the past few weeks. As a sole proprietor, that means I eat and sleep with business on the brain. And the tornadoes! So alarming. This week they destroyed an oil rig in Oklahoma just near where I'm contracted to begin a project....

But that's only money. That's just business. My heart and prayers are with the people and families affected by these storms. Joplin, I wanted to go with CRI to help you out so badly....

My little effort to help coming soon.

We remember you... and those who've sacrificed their all for our freedom... this Memorial Day weekend.  -Brin


Lulu said...

In honor of the vets and memorial day iam knitting baby hats..I did one in blue, going to do one in white, and an adult hat in red, since i have no baby yarn in red..For all who gave their lives to keep us all free..
praying for all the victims of these horrible tornados..
have a nice weekend, hope you can relax some..

April@MySacredSojourn said...

Are you in Oklahoma working now? I'm in north-central Oklahoma! My how I'd love to meet my homesteading hero. :)