Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Thought #3: Unrelenting

A thing to know about God is that He's unrelenting. His love doesn't let up. His mercy doesn't give out. His pursuit never ends.

I was walking through the airport a few days ago and passed a girl sipping a Bud Light, deeply absorbed in The Shack. I kept walking. I wasn't a fan of that book, God. What do You think of us down here trying to know You... picture You... describe You and define You? What do You think of our searching?

It thrills My heart. I felt those words pulse through me, along with an overwhelming feeling of love. As if my blood had turned to liquid love and gushed up and down my veins. Now go back and tell the girl with the book. Tell her I love her.

I argued for a minute, then wheeled my suitcase back down the terminal toward the girl. She was still reading.

How do you approach a stranger in the airport and tell her of God's love? The way the conversation unfolded was surreal. I knew, before opening my mouth to talk to her, that she was 23. A student in the medical field. The youngest of her family. I knew - without any way of knowing - that something awful had happened in her short life. Tell her she's not to blame. Tell her it wasn't her fault. Tell she's loved with an everlasting love.

I looked at this girl and wondered what it was like to be reading in an airport, unknowingly pursued by a loving, purposeful, unrelenting God.

Irena is 23. The baby of her family. She's in dental school. And almost three years ago, she was sexually assaulted. Luke is still in diapers.

We talked quietly. She cried. I had to assure her twice that I'm not psychic; that God knows her... knows everything she is and everything she's been through. He'll use anyone around to make sure we know.

Does God love everyone? she asked, quietly. I mean, everyone?

I nodded. Yes, everyone. He loves me. He loves you. He loves that lady over there selling newspapers. A well-dressed man rushed by, berating someone at the other end of his cell phone. Irena raised her eyebrows and tilted her head toward him. Yes, especially him.

You're the second person to talk to me about God, she confided. A co-worker talks about Jesus. She told me to read this book.

Hmm. What's it like, I asked her, to be sitting in an airport, knowingly pursued by a loving, purposeful unrelenting God?

What's it like, she countered, to know Him the way you do?

You won't relent until You have it all. My heart is Yours. -Brin


KristyWes said...

How lovely and inspiring is your obedience! How precious and amazing it must have been to that girl in the airport. I have goosebumps because of God's mad mysterious ways.

Hollace said...

Aren't you glad you obeyed that 'still, small voice' that told you to go back to her? What a remarkable experience!

Kay said...

Oh Brin... this made me cry. To be so loved by our Heavenly Father... to be that pursued.

May I link this on my Fb page and my blog? You can email me here:

gf83711 at blueskyne dot com

myletterstoemily said...

good for you for listening and
obeying. and how weird that i
was just thinking about that book.

my 22 year old son said a few
days ago how mad he was to find
out it wasn't real!

keep on doing what you do!

Bee said...

I wish I didn't need words to tell you how speechlessly awesome this story is. I think you already know how speechlessly awesome He is.

Deb said...

He's so cool like that :)

Seawashed said...

He loves others through us, if we let Him. Yes His love is unrelenting. Irene is a living testimony of His love...the fact that she was sexually assaulted and had the baby...this is love...this is His heart.

Brin said...

Thanks, y'all.

Kay - link away.


Stacy said...

This is beautiful, this.

Bless you for your obedience to His voice. How much she needed to hear those words of love and grace.

It makes me wonder how many people we pass by, daily, who also need to hear it.

Are we listening?

Susan said...

Selfishly & completely so ...
I confess I do miss Freeman House, I miss the gardening, knitting, decorating, renovations, cooking, crafts, shops, recipes, crafted aprons and of course that sweet chocolate hound Miss Millie. I'll keep checking in but I'm thinkin' that this blog has evolved into something different, something a little more specific and sadly I don't seem to fit in here anymore.

I sure do miss all that old stuff
all the best, xo Susan & les Gang

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

What a wonderful thing that God allowed you to be a part of - pursuing that girl - who needed to know that He loved her. Thanks so much for sharing!
God bless,
Lisa :O)

Angielee said...

Brin, I am always amazed at how God chooses to use us, these broken, stubborn, rebelious vessels. Thank you for your obedience to that still small voice. Thank you for talking to Irena and pouring the love of Christ on her. Thank you for challenging me to be obedient even when I'm inconvienced by that still small voice.

~Mad said...

...and your speaking with this young woman may be the impetus for her one of these days to reach out to someone she sees who needs to hear of God's Love.

I just never know when we might be a witness!

Glad you're back.
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Kristine said...

Amazing. I check in here every few days or so for new inspiring posts. I'm a searcher. I'm envious of the relationship you and others have with God...of the Faith you carry with you that I can't seem to find. I pray every day. I keep searching. Keep posting, Brin...I love your blog and have since the Freeman House days. Today gave me goosebumps..and so did your link..electrifying goosebumps. Take Care...and thanks. :)

wanderingbtrfly said...

Brin, thank you for being willing to follow that leading. That's not always easy, but that girl needed it so very much.

mary martha said...

Brin would you mind if I post this on my blog? Giving you credit of course. It is one of the most positive messages I have read and lifted my heart so much I want to share it. IF not, I will post a link on facebook. Thank you for sharing your faith. You are a great witness for the Christ in us all.

mary martha said...

Oh per previous message, my email is
Thanks again
MaryMartha Muses

Sue said...

Thanks for listening to that voice and thanks for sharing. I read the book and DID NOT like it but am in awe at how God can use anything and at how He can use us anywhere, at anytime, to share His love. I am also ashamed to admit how many times I have not listened to that still small voice. You have inspired me to listen and follow.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I've read this post over and over. It just makes me want to weep at the goodness of God. I'm so glad you listened to that voice and went to speak to her ... I would love to know what she's thinking now, knowing that God ordained that meeting. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging me to listen to that voice.

Cindy said...

i stop by here and lurk because i love what you write and because you love Jesus. but this, this story is so awesome. our sermon this past Sunday was similar to what you did. Basically it was "As a believer how do you honor God and make him known to others in your own life" its difficult. sometimes we are different people at work than we are at our jobs etc. sometimes we are shy about letting others know of our belief and love for Him. i want to have the courage as you did to be able to listen to that voice and act on it when He asks me too. i am realizing its truly the only reason we are here. thank you for the reminder and sharing this!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story brin :). I do not understand why that book is so popular, it sounds just awful and not really about understanding the real connection with God at all, but just awful things happening! People these days read such creepy books, when there are so many lovely ones.. I will never understand that!


Shannon said...

An amazing, beautiful, hopeful story. I often wonder how much we miss by not obeying the nudging of the Spirit. How much more often would we all have these stories? God bless you for your faithfulness, Brin.

cindy lou said...

brin, i am so glad i checked in here this evening. it has been a little while and i had missed this particular post. when i read it, tears came to my eyes. even after all you have been through, you again were obedient. and you were blessed by being a blessing. and i have been blessed by reading about it. thank you.

Bluebird49 said...

What a wonderful gift you have, Brin! And you're an obdedient child of God's--no wonder He lets you in on these things!

I don't like the message the Shack gives at all. I wish people would stick with the Word God gave us Himself!!

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