Saturday, August 14, 2010

I watched the sun set from above the clouds this week. Have you ever watched from 32,000 feet as the sun sank to other kingdoms? It stays with you, always.

There's so much on my mind and heart to share with you. So much I've seen the past few months. I try to put words to it all but end up sitting, overwhelmed, in front of the computer. Tomorrow, I tell myself, logging off the internet. Or maybe this weekend.

Or maybe the next.

Happy weekend.  -Brin


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Aunt Ruthie said...

Hi Brin, just want you to know that I love coming over to read your gift of lovely words. I admire your grit, gumption and grace wherever your journey leads.

I found a quote to share:
"In the morning let our hearts gaze upon God's love and the love He has allowed us to share, and in the beauty of that vision, let us go forth to meet the day."
~Roy Lessin

Stay brave, the best is yet to come! Praying God's rich blessings upon your adorable, sweet life!
Oh yes, keep writing when you can, people are reading and swooning with each exquisite fabulous writer you!
Your sister in Christ,
Sugar Pie Farmhouse