Monday, July 26, 2010

Another No (Way I'll) Bake Dessert

Stop what you're doing and make this. If you have to leave work, all the better. The sooner you get this in the fridge, the better your day will be. This is that good.

The recipe, tagged "Family Favorite" in August's Martha Stewart Living, is one I can see myself making when I'm 70. It's a keeper. Heat cream, melt chocolate, layer it all in plastic wrap, and forget it in the fridge. When three o'clock hits... when the doorbell rings... when supper plates are cleared, pull it out. Then prepare to cry. This is that good.

I changed up the recipe a little. Instead of using all milk chocolate, I used 11 ounces of milk chocolate chips and 3 ounces of semi-sweet. Not being big on banana, I thinly sliced a small one lengthwise and was skimpy with layering it in. Substituting cinnamon graham crackers for plain seemed a no-brainer. And Cool Whip and chocolate shavings had to top it off. The result? Tears. This is that good.

Yup. No way I'll bake anytime soon...


Jordy Liz said...

Ohh where's the recipe? I can't seem to find it from that link.

Brin said...

The recipe doesn't seem to be online yet, but it's in the August issue of MSL and will likely be online once August rolls around.

I'll try to remember to come and link back to it once the recipe's available online! -Brin

Aubrey said...

I bought the magazine because your post made this look so tempting! I think I let the custard get too hot because I ended up with a thicker ganache and a cup of creamy scrambled eggs! :P Thanks for the gooey inspiration!

Unknown said...

Looking good! Thanks for sharing!

I hope you are enjoying your summer. It sure looks like it!


Jessica Rodarte said...

I made this earlier this week. I'm telling you in between sobs; it is so, so good! ;)
I, too, posted pictures and links today. Thank you for the inspiration.