Monday, January 18, 2010


I have to say: washing, photographing and posting the Green Glass Grab goodies to eBay took much longer than I anticipated. Seriously. Now I understand why there are people who will do that for you. For a great, big, giant fee, of course.

After looking over my collection, I decided not to post all the glasses and tumblers I've collected. I'll probably take them to a flea market or antique place and see if anyone wants them. If not, maybe I'll yard sale the lot. The thought of unwrapping all those individual glasses, hand washing them (no dishwasher here) and dealing with them was more than I wanted to tackle this weekend. Especially since I have two work reports and my AOL bio and two article drafts due tomorrow. And whoamygosh, is it almost 5 PM on Monday? I'm dead. I'm so dead.

(Big thanks to all who rushed over and browsed and bid. Big. Thanks. Made my day. Thank you, thank you.)

Got to get settled into this hotel and geared up for another week of brain-bending work. See you when I come up for air... -Brin


cheryl said...

Brin - Yikes, I saw what you have listed, and then you said you had so much more, too much to list. I can't imagine your collection, it's beautiful.

Vee said...

Good heavens! That's my bowl! Take care of yourself, Brin. Sounds like another crazy busy week.

wishful nals said...

thanks for sharing! i'm sure the hard work will pay off :)

Tara said...

Hey Brin,
Sounds like lots going on your way! Remember to take a breath!


myletterstoemily said...

your bowl and photo are gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Will you ship to Canada? I bought that exact bowl just after our wedding 15 years ago and broke it last year! I'd love to replace it with yours.


Angielee said...

Brin- Beautiful collection! So happy you have a busy week, hopefully means good things. Missing your updates though, always a highlight of my day.

Patricia said...

Your collection is beautiful! Hope it all sells! Blessings, P.