Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ghost Hunters

Well, what do you know? It's been a week since we talked and I've ended up with a free Friday night. So how about we spend it together and I tell you about the little adventure I had a week ago?

Cool. Hope you like a good ghost story...

It was a dark and stormy night. No seriously. It really was. A friend called and said her husband was out of town on a business trip and would I like to stay in a historical, haunted hotel with her Friday night? Um, sure I would. I was due for a little excitement. After all, we all know what a boring life I lead. (Cough)
So we met last Friday in Jefferson, Texas. It's one of my favorite towns; the shopping is great, the food is great, the houses are great, the people are great, and the history is... really great. Amber and I dumped our stuff in Room 18 of the old Jefferson Hotel and decided to hit the town.

But of course, it was February. Not a lot going on. We walked a bit and talked non-stop and had dinner and then Amber mentioned the town lantern tour at 8 PM. Was I game even though it was cold and raining? Sure. We walked to the steps of the old museum and that's when I saw the sign: Historic Ghost Walk.

I'd heard about the Ghost Walk before. Jodi Breckenridge, the tour guide, is a smart - if not skeptical - guide and her walks are heavy on the history of the town's people and places. I liked her immediately and decided I would enjoy Jodi's telling of the history and legends of all the old homes and buildings.

So off we went. First to the old McGarity's Saloon. Then to the old hotels, including the one that Steven Spielberg himself got so creeped out in that he checked out at 2 AM and said he would never be back. Yeah. Then on to the Big Cypress Coffee Shop (old funeral home and brothel) and up the street to the Schluter House... the biggest, most scariest house in the country:

Or, whatever. I held my white-rimmed umbrella and stood in the rain looking at the old house. It's beautiful. Creepy, considering the context in which I was viewing it, but beautiful. (And for the record, I have no idea what that bright, squiggly line is.)

The tour wrapped up and we headed back to the hotel, eager to dry off and get warm. Along the tour, Amber and I struck up a conversation with some guys from Fort Worth. They were ghost hunters, they told us, and had all that EVP recorders and KII meters and everything. Furthermore, they were going back out at 3 o'clock that morning and would like for us to join them. They'd come by our room at 2:45 AM to get us.
Back in the room, Amber and I cautiously considered their invitation:

Me: Hey, do you think we should go romping around at 3 AM with a couple of strangers?

Amber: (Looking hard at me.) I don't know. Larry will kill me.

Me: You think they're killers and will use those meter things to electrocute us before dumping our bodies in the bayou?

Amber: Could be. But they look pretty harmless.

Me: I could get my pepper spray out of the car. And here, let's hide a note in the room for the police to find if we go missing. (Scribbling on a coaster: Gone out with the people in Room 24. If we don't come back, they killed us. Think they're from Fort Worth. My will is in my safe.)

Yep. We so went. And it was even creepier at 3 in the morning:

I have to say - I was brave, wasn't I, Amber? I mean, it takes a lot more than an old house to scare me. I walked to the door of this one... the one that used to be a general store back around the turn of the century... and my umbrella and I stood there looking in. I didn't even run when the three of them started shrieking that they saw "orbs" in the picture. "The orbs are moving toward you! BRRIIIINNNNNNN! The ORBS!" Amber yelled.

I think she forgot she doesn't really believe in ghosts. Only, while Amber was holding my camera she did manage to catch a shadowy image on film. It looked like a young woman with dark hair. "Look at this!" I said, holding it out for Amber to see. It was almost morning and the sun was almost up.

"Is that a PERSON?" Amber gasped.

"Yes," I said, astonished. "I think this was when I gave you my camera so I could take yours down into that place by the trees where they used to hang escaped slaves. I'm going to take it home and see if I can't lighten the image to see what it is...".

It was me. Me standing under a street light on the lookout for ghosts. Only I was the ghost. (Amber, next time I'm not taking off with your camera and its cool "twilight" setting. Only it was a lot of fun, wasn't it? And the ghost in Room 18 didn't throw anything out of the closet at us. And the Fort Worth ghost hunters didn't kill us at all!)

Hey, I told you it was a ghost story. I didn't tell you it would be a scary ghost story. (Laugh)

Enjoy your weekend. I hope to check in again with y'all before I fly.... -Brin


Jenny said...

Oh, Brin! You are so brave. You wouldn't have caught me going out with those guys and probably not even staying in that hotel! Yowza! Sounds like a wonderful time with Amber though. It's good to step out of the ordinary here and there, isn't it?

Oh, and I think the squiggly white thing would be something other-worldly. You should ask the ghost-hunters from room 24.

Great post! And I LOVE the homes and other buildings built around that time. Can you imagine the upkeep? :)

Becky K. said...

Great story.

I am wondering if you were brave or crazy to go with those guys.

Whatever the case, you are ok and the pictures are great.

It was a very fun read.

Becky K.

Rox said...

That was a hoot! How fun! That sounds like something I would do. I hope that you have a blast on your trip and do all the things you said you wanted to. I know I haven't posted in a while... alotta stuff goin on in my little household. But i still check in for my Cup o' Brin.

Be safe....

Michelle said...

Loved the story! It sounds like you had fun.

Love your blog. I'll be back for more. (o;

Betty said...

Great story, Brin!
The best to you on your upcoming trip..enjoy!

Vee said...

Oh I have lots of scary ghost stories only I don't believe in ghosts either...

You and Amber are bonified nuts! DO NOT tell your mother that you were out with strange men in the wee hours of the morning looking for ghosts. Trust me on this! ;>

Anonymous said...

like Becky K, I can't decide if your crazy or brave or both!!Prob'ly both!! i never said this before but i fell stuck in a bad marriage and would trade everything if i could just be free, your my encouragement to know that someday i can. i know i say this every time but i would trade anything for a week in your life, or heck even just a day!! please dont go away and leave us here without our Brin!!!!! :-> connie

Rosa said...

I'm with Vee on this one. DON'T tell your mother about this!
As a mother of four, whose two girls are 22 and 20 I've got to tell you. . .I worry when they take too long coming home from 7-11! And yes, I've been doing a lot of praying about that worry:) I'm getting better. Slowly.

That said , since I'm not YOUR mom, I have to admit that I laughed through the whole story. Well there was one little scream of NO WAY! when I realized you were actually going to go with these guys. . . But otherwise. :)

Enjoy your time away.

Anonymous said...

Brin! You are so beautiful. Wreckless, but beautiful nonetheless!

Tammy J.

Anonymous said...

The voice of SALL did not fill your head saying, "Brin, you are NOT to go out with those strangers -- looking for ghosts!" I've been known to haunt the mind of a friend or two with my ultra-safety conscious words. . . Good idea leaving the note, though -- you've seen one crime show too many! Loved the post & miss you like crazy!
Much love,