Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Peek Into the Knitting Bag...

Knitting is very conducive to thought.
It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles,
write a while, then take up ... again.
-Dorothy Day

I learned to knit a few years ago, seduced by the novelty and simplicity of the centuries-old craft. For a year or so I happily knitted scarves, presenting them in dramatic-type fashion to anyone who would pity me enough to wear them. But you can only make so many scarves, and after piles and piles of them accumulated, I put my knitting away.

Months later, I came upon my yarn stash and knitting fever overtook me once again. Determined to break out of my scarf-slump mania, I consulted my brilliant and talented mother, who taught me to purl. From there, I never looked back.

This week I'm in the process of organizing the room that will be my study/sewing/sometimes-sleeping/sitting room. (Ha! Put that on a plaque on the door!) And although I've put it off for weeks, today I forced myself to forage through baskets and baskets of knitting in order to right them all. And what do you know? I found some neat things I'd forgotten about!

The little bag at the top of the post was knitted and sewn with scraps of yarn, felt, and an itty piece of leftover fabric. I made it because I needed a new makeup pouch for my purse. All it needed was a drawstring ribbon, which I added today, and it's ready for lipgloss and lipstick. Perfect!

Oh! And here's the purse/bag I intended to give my sister for Valentine's Day. I found the yarn for this at a garage sale for $1, and the felt and fabric were scraps. So, it cost me $1 and two evenings to make. I'm planning to stuff it with pink tissue paper and Hershey's miniatures. What do you think?

And oh... the hat! [Laughing] I tried this out just before the holidays, and since I didn't have a pom-pom maker, I used my credit card to wind the yarn. (Sad, no?) Anyway, I think my entire family - about 35 people - wore this hat at some point over the Thanksgiving. But I still think it's darling. Eccentric, but darling. How did this end up at the bottom of a stack?

Awh! I forgot about these! Baby booties are so fun to make. And these were so soft.... (Traci!! I forgot to send these to you! I'm so sorry. I'd send them now, only I'm sure your boy is breaking in his baseball cleats and these aren't exactly appropriate for a third grader. I really am sorry.)

[Sigh] I suppose that's what I get for not keeping my knitting organized. Lesson learned!

Wow, I love to knit. Such a fun skill. You know, I was thinking, wouldn't it be awfully fun to hold basic knitting lessons? You all could come for the weekend, stay at Freeman House, and we could knit and eat yummy meals and pick roses and browse the library. Wouldn't that be lovely? Maybe when Freeman House is better we'll do just that...

Okay, enough wishing and typing. I need to get busy. You should see all the stuff piled up in here. Should you, for some reason, not hear from me for a few days, please summon help - I'm probably trapped beneath a yarn avalanche....


Anonymous said...

Love the quote you used. It's so true. I have about five knitting projects going on right now. Only I knit awhile, read a while, pet dogs awhile, blog awhile, read other people's blogs awhile ... well, you get the picture.

smilnsigh said...

Eeeeeeeeek no! Not a yarn avalanche! ,-)

Everything you found is precious.

Best of luck with organizing the study/sewing/sometimes-sleeping/sitting room. I have many such projects waiting for me, too. Not the same. But all needing time and effort. Yuck... ,-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I would so love to learn to knit. Every attempt has resulted in disaster! LOL

I love the little purse you made for your sister. Would you mind if I used the design to make some cards for a swap I am in? I think it's just adorable!

Ann said...

You are quite the talented knitter, Brin!

Sixteen Chickens said...

I love the hat! If you teach me how to knit the hat I'll teach you how to knit these mittens.
But maybe you don't have much need for mittens in TX?

Brin said...

Hey gals! Thanks for the knitting love!

Lynne - totally with you! If someone would come and hide my books, computer, and yarn and fabric, I just might get something done! :D

MN - Thanks! I understand the projects. Here's to you, and hoping you can get something tackled this weekend....

Susan - I would be thrilled to teach you what little I know! My first attempt had me convinced I wasn't coordinated enough, but apply a little patience and you'll get there. And of course... copy away, although the idea wasn't mine. I found something really close to it on a blog forever ago, and the idea of the little bird with the flowers stuck with me. (Maybe it was Alicia Paulson's blog?) Anyway... it would make a cute card! Have fun!

Ann - so glad you popped in! I need to go check to see if your blog's "new and improved" fancy stuff is up! I'll come see you soon!

Wylee - Hiya! How have you been?! I would love to learn mittens, but I stink at knitting in the round. But it's a deal. I can get you the pattern if you like... I know it's here somewhere. I'll come check out your mittens, because yes, I could use them - even in Texas! It was so cold today I to sit on my hands when no one was around to keep them from turning blue! See ya soon!

You guys have a great weekend!