Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grays and Greens

Driving home - Cass County, Texas

Have you ever been to Northeast Texas in the spring? It's like rural England, almost. I wish you'd been in the car with me this morning, right before it rained, heading down the highway. Just over this hill, there's a pond and a field of wildflowers. Gorgeous.

I've decided I want to take a break from my usual color schemes and go with whites, grays, greens and antiqued golds for this house. The landscape today captured the colors perfectly. I feel my best on cloudy days in spring or fall, and I think I want that muted- yet hopeful- feeling in this new house.

We leave in 15 minutes to meet the home inspector at the house. I have the tape measure ready and am eager to see just how the little kitchen measures up. 

I'll report back, with pictures, very soon. Enjoy your Wednesday! -Brin


vintage girl at heart said...

I am sooo excited for y'all! I really have enjoyed your blog through the years and cannot wait to see you Nest & Bloom at the new Home!!

debbie said...

I can't wait to see what u do to this lovely house

Sherry said...

unless you count a change of planes in dallas, i've never visited texas much less the beautiful area described. perhaps i should remedy that little factoid. :)

Terri Steffes said...

I must have missed a post! Headed back to the blog to see what I missed! Texas is beautiful, always!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've never been to Texas, but I bet it's cloudy days are much more green and less grey than England's ;)

That said, we have actual Spring and sunshine here lately, which is wonderful after what felt like such a long winter.

Beautiful colour scheme. Can't wait to see pictures of the house and get to dreaming. Good luck with the inspector! xx

Sue Neitzel said...

Your spoiling us with daily posts, but they just make my day, knowing another house is saved and will be loved like no one else could!! I'm anxious to see the kitchen!!! Fingers crossed for you!

Susan said...

Love the sound of that colour palette - you have exquisite and unique taste - we know it will be beautiful. It is a book, Brin. Starting at the beginning ... again. Can't wait for more & more please. Yipee !! xoxo