Monday, April 16, 2012


For You have been a stronghold to the poor,
    a stronghold to the needy in his distress,
     a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.
-Isaiah 25:4

I meant to reward myself with a day of knitting this yarn, but oddly enough shelter became the governing issue of the day, so the I-just-gathered-my-tax-stuff-and-then-filed-an-extension celebration time never happened.

Several months ago, the strangest thing started happening. Things, I should say. See, as eager as I am to get to my little place in the wilderness, stretch out a clothesline and begin planting roses, I can't. Not for the time being. God decided I needed to be right here, in this little red house just off downtown in the place I grew up. Since January, the house has been open to people with nowhere to go. And tomorrow, Renee comes.

Renee has grown children and used to have what you and I would consider a normal life, if there is such a thing. Then two years ago she was riding a horse and the unthinkable happened: she fell off. And her right leg poked into the soft ground when she fell, and she couldn't pull it out quite fast enough to avoid the trampling horse.

She lost the leg.

As if that wasn't traumatic enough for anyone, her husband decided he was less than thrilled with her new situation and took off. Fast forward to now, and we found her getting picked on in a nearby homeless shelter. Ladies who can't chase are easy prey for thieves and meanies, apparently.

She's coming to stay with me tomorrow.

Renee's the second person in as many weeks that's needed to access this house from a wheelchair. It's not the easiest house to do that in. So I spent the day dragging stuff around, rearranging, and worrying about what we'll do with the bathroom.

We'll think of something...

Oh God, You are my stronghold, my shade, and my shelter. Help me love You and Renee well.


Vee said...

Praying that you get it all figured out and that Renee has time for healing and being restored. Blessings to you both.

Adrienne said...

Brin, I know you are right where God wants you - and needs you to be - right now. Even though it is stressful, you are being such a blessing. You are doing Kingdom work of a kind that many don't have the opportunity to do. I am praying for you and Renee and the needs of your home to meet hers.

MommaMindy said...

God is your stronghold and your shelter, but you are using your strength and your love to physically PROVE that to others. Thank you for ministering to others. My heart was touched tonight. Blessings on you as you ministry the Lord's love and mercy to others.

Jen said...

Good for you! That's awesome.

joanne said...

what a generous spirit you are...I've been in Renee's shoes or shoe and I know she needs an angel right now. Blessings to you both as you navigate this bumpy road.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Bless your heart!!! Not everyone is brave enough to listen to God, another inspiring post!!

vintage girl at heart said...

you are an angel on earth.

Trudy said...

God must be very proud you are acting as His hands and feet here to help Renee. Both physically and showing her the love and mercy of God. You are an example of courage and conformity to the will of God. thank you

Linda Z said...

You are a redeemer, Brin, in your Father's business. I hope all works out well for you both.

shoegirl said...

I hope the move went well today, Brin. You are doing God's work; God bless you.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Somehow I missed you were back, I saw it on Vee's blog.

So... I removed you from "Favorites" to "Friends" even though we have never met in person. That way I can see you are back in case you ever go away again. :)

Leigh Ann said...


Over the last year I have checked your blog to see if you had made your way back. I checked today in hopes and was so pleasantly surprised to read your words again. I've wondered how you have been and what excitement has gone on in your life. So glad you are back...Your cabin plans look beautiful! I'd want them all and end up with a mansion. Which I know is not your plan. I hope for you is that you have the desires of your heart and that they are aligned with our Fathers. Much Love and welcome back! Leigh Ann