Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Address

Guess what, y'all? My website is finally live! Not finished, by any stretch, but it is up. And it has words. And a picture or two. And this neat little "contact me" area where you can type me until your heart's content and we can send secret messages and letters over the web. I'm excited. Please go over and say hello if you feel like it!

Eventually my blog, shop, and entire web presence will live there. For now- like my thighs- I'm spread all over the place. :)

I'm in the (slow) process of taking pictures of stuff again- stuff I'm doing, stuff I've made, stuff I'm working on, stuff that shows you my life now. I have so much to show and tell you! 

We'll get to it all, I promise. ...

Did you have a happy Easter? I did. Since my birthday and Easter fell on the same day this year, my weekend was full of wonderfulness. And by that I mean that after all the hullabaloo was through, I was able to sit on my couch with a slice of birthday cake and watch two Miss Marple movies on Netflix without having to pause them. Not even once! That hasn't happened in ages. It was incredible. (It also reinforced the realization that I'm nearly to my mid-thirties and am officially an old lady. Knitting while watching Miss Marple didn't do anything to contradict that realization, either.)

Ah well.

It's about to rain here, I think. I can tell by the low clouds, the determined wind and the way the birds in the cedar tree are singing to each other. On my TO DO list today is weeding the garden and hilling up the potatoes... neither of which would be fun to do in a downpour. Guess I should shove off the computer and get outside. 

Have a good day, okay? I'm off to dig in dirt before it turns to mud. -Brin


Tammy said...

So very glad you are back. Looking forward to catching up!

Linda Z said...

Excited about your new site! :)

Glad you had a good b'day.

I crochet and watch Downton Abbey, so that makes me old, too. :)

Adrienne said...

Smiling and chuckling about you officially being an old lady! Especially since my sweetheart and I are making the big decision about retirement. Soon. Love your website. I'll be there often - and, yes, I'd love to chat!