Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wind and Wattle

I know I mentioned Saturday... among all the blathering about pumpkins and how I adore fall... that it was storming violently. And when I said violently, I meant, there was violence. The wind and beating rain enacted a force of meanness on the trees the likes of which I'd never seen.

Here's how it happened: I was sitting in the library, trying to finish an awful book I wished I'd never bought, when suddenly I heard a boom. Then a craaaaack. Then the sound of a thousand heavy leaves falling. All was silent for a second, then came a thud. The house trembled. Millie jumped and I screamed and together we raced through the library, across the entry and into the dining room.

We stayed there, beside lit candles and pumpkins, while the wind blew. And wouldn't you know, within several moments history repeated itself: boom... craaaaack... falling... thud... tremble. (Note: it takes more than your average bear to frighten me. I was scared to death.)

Turns out the parts of two trees, a cottonwood and a pecan, had fallen from the sky to the house to the ground. One branch - the one by the kitchen - landed on the kitchen steps. I know it doesn't seem so alarming from the picture above, but that branch is 13 inches across and over 20 feet long.

So, when the wind gives you branches what do you make? Wattle. You make wattle. A sort of wattle fence, that is. A non-willow, Texified version. Ever since Saturday I have determined to become an expert Texas wattler, making wattle the likes of which no one has ever seen. Wattle that will impress my friends and astonish my neighbors.

You're laughing? I hear you laughing. It's okay. I'm cracking up, too. I'm laughing all the way to my new wattle fencing. For where there's a windy will, there's a windy way. Where there's wind, there's wattle.

At least that's what I always say. (laugh)


April said...

That's really beautiful, Brin! I'd love to see pictures (even if it isn't quite as... perfect!)

She sure is strange! said...

There is nothing quite like the sound of a tree hitting your house is there? We live under a ginormous oak tree(where I get my blogg name from) that has dropped a few huge limbs on the house. Our bedroom window is about 20 feet from the tree trunk. When we lived in Austin we had a limb come straight through the roof and into the attic! Scary stuff!

Glad your house survived! Friends of ours here in Longview weren't so lucky years ago when a tree split their woodframe house right down the middle(the lot is at the corner of the Loop and Fairmont, before you come to the Goodwill).


Mia said...

omg, SORRY for your scare.. but I LOVE the wattle!

I've seen those fences before, but I never knew there was an actual NAME, or actual DIRECTIONS .. I have LOTS and LOTS of branches I could be collecting.

oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..I see project number nine hundred and seventy two just got added to my list *grin*

Let the commoner "wattle-less" people laugh at us *grin*

serenitymeadow said...

I say, wattle away! Seriously, Brin, glad you and Millie are safe.

Shanda said...

Hi Brin,
Nice to hear from you and glad your back with us.
On the subject of waddle fencing. I needed a garden gate and I fashioned myself up one with some wire and slender fallen tree branches. It turned out really pretty. I also made a waddled arch entry to my garden.
*Take Note* I did have some sore fingers when it was finished.
Would love to see yours when it is all finished.

Eloise said...

Oh, I like that fence! Can't wait to see how your wattle progresses. Think you're going to need a few more wind storms, though, aren't you?

Amy said...

Hi Brin: Be sure to check out my blog, you have won an award there. Still lovin' your blog! Amy

Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

Sorry to hear about you and Millie being scared during the storm and glad that you're both ok. Never heard of a wattle. Seen one before though after I looked at your link. I bet that's going to be very pretty when you get it done. You are so resourceful. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Honey, I wattle all the time...oh, thats waddle...forget it...laughing....I hope your wattle is more attractive then my waddle!
Geneen from Calif

cupcake studio said...

Way to turn lemons into lemonade! Adore your blog.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love those fences, just never knew the name, gotta love Mother Earth News! Can't wait to see your fence all done!

betty r said...

I am laughing Brin!! But it's a great thing to do as in everything in life 'making the best of whatever comes your way'.
I want to see the wattle fence when you're done, ok?
Glad you are all safe and sound..sound?? Hope so anyway..hehe

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Your description of the sounds is perfect and yes, tree limbs are extremely heavy. I can't wait to see your wattle fence!

Have a Blesses Sonday and holiday!
Kathi :)