Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Morning Glories

The morning and evening
should be alike calm and cheerful.
-Thomas Arnold

Do you have a favorite time of day? I do. Two, actually: morning and late evening. I'm sure those of you with kids or hectic days are frowning and rolling your eyes... no doubt your mornings and evenings nearly kill you coming and going. I'm sorry. Here it isn't that way. Here the mornings and evenings are beautiful and peaceful, complete with tea or coffee, flowers, and church bells in the distance.

But the flowers. You should see them. There are roses. Pink, yellow, red, lavender and white roses. There's a group of hydrangeas and hostas... of daffodils and tulips. But someone before me (was it Ms. Freeman?) adored blue Morning Glories. I mean, loved them. I did, too, until I bought this old place. A rambling, clinging vine with trumpet-shaped blue flowers that opened, like clockwork, only to greet the sun? Magical, I thought. Something only God... in His clever, gorgeous way... could pull off.

And then the rambling, yawning-blue-to-the-sun vines began to creep, climb, and conquer.

They twisted up tomato cages, over sunflowers, alongside runner beans and down pumpkin stems. They united in a brazen plot to cover and choke my garden, one heart-shaped leaf and spring-loaded bloom at a time. And while I was away... while I lived in the mountains... the Morning Glories claimed the place, one petal, leaf, and stem at a time.

There are certain parts of the garden I'm avoiding, for now, until the weather turns cool enough to deal with the Morning Glories. Until then, I'm enjoying my early days and early nights elsewhere.

But I do love those times, troublesome flowers notwithstanding. I love the anticipation and reflection of dawn and dusk. My goal is to take time, at least once a day, to breathe those moments in... to not lose them forever. And at Freeman House you can. Time here seems different than everywhere else. I wonder how that is?

Wishing you a wonderful day, regardless of your favorite part and despite your own Morning Glories. -Brin


paisley penguin said...

I love afternoons. My mother despises Morning Glories for the same reasons you describe. I think they are pretty but have never had them in my yard because I know how they can take over. :)

Rosa said...

I grew up on Canada's west coast about an hour or so east of Vancouver.
The wild morning glories were like a blanket over many uncultivated areas.
Such a pretty pest.
I now live on the prairies where frigid winter temps keep most thugs (and bugs!) under control.
There's always a trade off isn't there?

traci said...

i too love mornings and evenings, especially when we are away at our cabin. it is very quiet there. i sit on the porch swing with a book and a cup of coffee and listen to the sounds of nature. good luck with those morning glories.

Cori G. said...

Sunrise and sunset are my favorite hours of the day. I just love the quiet peacefulness.
Morning Glories...I say Devil Weed! They're the bane of my backyard rose bed. Once they're in your garden you just can't get rid of the tiny tendrils.
have a lovely Wednesday.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love mornings and evenings too, and since were empty nesters now, I can really enjoy them! Morning glories are pretty, but all you need is one and it's for life! Thanks to the birds who love the seeds and will transplant them everywhere for you, so be careful when you go to clear them out, the seeds will survive the winter and return each year, all it takes is one! They are invasive but I can't help but plant some, in pots from now on! Good luck with the blues! lol

Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

Kath at Message in a Bottle found one in her potted jade plant and she lives on an island. So I'm thinking Sue is right. Birds carry seeds everywhere.

My favorite time is when the stars start to come out and deepen into night. xxoo

fairmaiden said...

Early mornings used to be my favorite, then I had children. In college I spent every morning on the lake in a crew boat. There is nothing like waking to see the sunrise on still waters. Now my favorite time is dusk...there is a calmness and the cool of night setting in that I find very soothing. I also like late late night when everyone is sound asleep and the home is as quiet as can be.

Anonymous said...

Mornings...around 4ish. It's magical and it's yours if you wake in time to take it in. You little corner of the world...just you and your cup of Joe. is good.

Polly said...

You know, I have always loved Morning Glories, and wanted some in my yard. Maybe climbing the fence, or the old iron firescreen in my flower bed. But after hearing all these comments, I may rethink my plans and go for Carolina Jasmine instead!