Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sprouting, Dinner, and Jet Lag

Everything sprouted while we were away. Outside the redbuds and magnolias and hydrangeas and irises and violets are blooming. Inside even the onions and potatoes are coming to life.

Looks like we'll be having country-fried potatoes and onions, purple hull peas and cornbread tonight for supper. Maybe we'll throw some homemade honey butter in there, too.

Ah, Texas. Can't take you out of this girl. I missed you.

But for now all the sprouting and dinner will have to wait. I'm heading back to the magazine-and-knitting pile on my bed. (Can you believe I went 10 whole days without knitting? And wait. Wait a minute... Easter is when? THIS Sunday? Who pulled that off?) What in the world did I do with that giant bottle of Advil? Jet lag's got me and got me good.

I know. Poor, poor pitiful me. *wink*


Rosa said...

I haven't been anywhere, and I can't believe this Sunday is Easter! :)
I'd better get cracking! My youngest is 15 and my oldest 22 so you'd think Easter baskets are a thing of the past, but nooo....
Even my husband would pout if there wasn't a basket for him!lol
Hope your trip home was a good one.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy in the days ahead. Happy, homemaking busy things. It's all good. :o) Glad you're back home safely.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Welcome home, I hope you are refreshed.

I loved the pictures, it was like taking a vacation. Okay, kind of... but I did love the pics.

betty r said...

Your supper sounds so yummy, sprouts and all!
I'm sure you're happy to be home and no I don't think I'll feel too sorry for your jet lag..

Life According to Me! said...

Welcome back! I absolutely love your pictures! I can't get over what a gorgeous place Istanbul is.

I'm looking forward to seeing a springy Freeman House!

Lallee said...

Brin, I enjoyed catching up on your blog and your visit to Turkey. It looked like a wonderful trip. Loved the bread shop! I hope you have a very blessed Easter.


Brambleberry said...

So good to see you've made it home! Thanks for sharing that adventure with us.

Enjoy the spring while it's springing.