Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I Were...

If I were an Ottoman Empire princess, this would be my castle. Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. I'll spare you all the history and geography. Let's just imagine, if only for a second, that we're 15th century royalty...

First off, if I were a princess, queen, or other notable royal woman, you'd find me in a tower or turret overlooking the gardens and the sea. No question.

When I did come down from a tower, I'd glide down long, marble passages...

... until I got to ivy-covered balconies. From there I'd watch the boats and nature and my corner of the kingdom.

Then I'd find another balcony and watch the soliders and the people. I'd let down my hair and lean far, far over and hum something melodic... something that went with the wind.

When I got tired of that, I'd go for a swim in the royal pool, assuming someone didn't forget to fill it.

And I'd follow that with a perfumed bath in a palace bathroom. Of course, they'd have to bring in the tub first.

After I was clean and robed and beautiful, I'd wander through all the doors. Especially the ones I shouldn't.

I'd gaze out windows and up at ceilings and think important, lovely thoughts.

Then I'd warm up by the fire....

... before going to my hat room to try on all my royal hats:

When dusk came, I'd head to the couch and call for musicians and poets and dancers and jesters. We'd point and giggle and sing and clap until we cried.

But if the jesters weren't funny or the singing was off-key or the dancers stepped on each other's toes, I would slip out and find a quieter couch. I'd make medieval s'mores around the fire, even though I know I shouldn't.

And after dark, I'd creep quietly to the guard tower near the back gate and wait for the clopping of hooves to come and whisk me away.

... and all you'd see is the blur of my carriage and the burn of its torch as I sailed by.

If I were an Ottoman princess, that would be my day.


Kat @ The Burb Blog said...

You have a great way of telling a story to show reality. Love it!

Lyndee said...

Very nice story and guide through this lovely place! Thanks it made my day here watching kids for a friend and cleaning up after them it just took me away like calgon!

jimr75 said...

Sadly, the only thought that came to my small mind on the second photo was (in a bad French accent) "go away, or I will taunt you a second time-uh!"

Brin said...


(That's: Rolling On The Dirty Floor Laughing My Butt Off).


Seriously. Still laughing.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Well, maybe if you were an Ottoman princess... But you're Brin and the Brin we know would far rather be working in the garden than watching it from some tower.

Kimberley said...