Wednesday, March 23, 2016

He Still Gives Grace

From His fullness we have all received
grace upon grace.
-John 1:16

Haven't we? I mean, absolutely: life is tough now. Sin, sickness and Satan are having their way with our world and, to some degree, our very lives. But even through it all- especially through it all- His grace glitters. His fullness flourishes. God is on His throne and He still gives you and He still gives me grace upon grace out of His fullness.

Sometimes we just have to quit complaining and questioning and stressing long enough to see it....

Praying His front-porch-sitting grace and solace will fill your mind and heart today. -Brin

(And yeah... I definitely need to mop and decorate this porch. What can you see here? Tell me in the comments and look for the porch reveal in April!)


Kathleen Grace said...

A little sitting area to the left of the door. Wicker or wood setee, a chair a low table for your tea. You have such a pretty porch!

Rebecca said...

A porch swing...with a big cushion and lots of throw pillows....and a book.

Anonymous said...

Definitely wicker, or some lovely rocking chairs. Tables for entertaining and geraniums. Lots of geraniums. And of course a bird feeder.
I love to feed "my" birds. I have some cardinals who come back every year and I love to have them around the house. I am positive that I drive my husband crazy buying tons of birdseed every year, but he keeps quiet knowing how much I enjoy them.

April@MySacredSojourn said...

Oh, a porch swing would be so lovely!

Cheryl L said...

Thank you! I'm catchig up on my blog reading and your entry today was pefect as I found myself nearly in tears over the evil and persecution going on in not just the world, but our own country. I try to remind myself constantly that "He's in control of who's in control" (Larry Osborne in Thriving in Babylon).

I love white wicker, so I think that would look perfect on your porch. I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely, complete with flowers from your gardens.

God Bless You!