Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer's Ghost

We know that in September, 
we will wander through the 
warm winds of summer's wreckage. 
We will welcome summer's ghost.
-Henry Rollins

Fall is out in the stores. I'm expecting, any moment now, to see pumpkins and leaf-strewn wreaths on front porches of houses I drive past. I love later summer/early autumn- its decay and moodiness and restlessness. Summer's is the only ghost I welcome.

I have Beef Stroganoff simmering on the stove and am half-heartedly mixing up leftover bits of cornbread and chunks of thick, white loaves for dressing. (Stuffing, if you're from up north?) Chicken and dressing will hit the freezer soon. I'm trying to make extras of meals and freeze them up for days I just don't want to cook. Which lately has been most days. Strange, seeing as how the kitchen sink just went in and we dreamed of home-cooked meals all summer. Very strange...

It seems I've hit a wall (early) with this renovation. Tonight will be night 93 on the air mattress and I think I'm just exhausted. Josh has given up on the pathetic thing, largely, in favor of the couch... leaving me to heave and sigh and sleep a dreamless sleep all night. He is adamant that the bed NOT be put together until the master bedroom is painted and floors are redone, so I toss and turn and toss and turn. I'm praying the bedroom is move-in-ready in a week. Y'all, I fear for life on planet Earth if I have to crawl off that thing many more mornings. How was this so much easier at 24 than it is at 36?

Ah. But there's progress in the kitchen! The countertops will be finished soon, so all that's left in this phase will be to paint and hardware the cabinets, tile a back splash, hang shelves and begin setting up. I'd show you, only right now it's a jumble of tools and pantry items and opened boxes of spices and a strange assortment of unpacked dishes. (Read: whatever was at the top of the dishes box is what's been unpacked and used.) The tentative "have company over" goal date of September 1 blew by without so much as an apology. It's okay. It's really okay. Those who matter, don't mind... and those who mind, don't matter. Right?

How are things with you? I feel as if it's been awhile since we talked. Drop me a comment or a Facebook message or email and let me know what's on your stove and what's going on at your house and how you're dealing with the ghost of summer. That's what we're here for, right?

I'm so glad we're friends. -Brin


Running with a sharp pencil said...

Ahhh, dressing! One of my very favorite things about Autumn is the food - the pumpkin bread, the apple pies, the soups and the dressing! So, I am redoing my kitchen soon and trying so hard to decide about countertops! What did you choose?

HollyM said...

Hang in there. Renovation is a pain in the tush, but how wonderful it will be when everything is just as you envisioned . . . charming, comfortable and "home".

Gail said...

You have great vision and vision take time.

Anonymous said...

Renovation is difficult and always takes longer than we think it will.
My house is a mess right now, scraping that awful popcorn ceiling off, putting up bead board back splash and painting cabinets. I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen, I am sure it will be wonderful!
And now I want dressing

Durf said...

Yes, Brin, age does slow us down a bit, doesn't it? But slog through it anyway. Reread your last Monday Moment! It'll all get done, and when it's done, you'll forget the agony, like childbirth.

I've never been to Texas but I hear all the time about the heat and humidity. Well, it's been really hot and humid all summer here in Connecticut so I've not wanted to cook (don't have central a/c). I did make a Susan Branch cheesecake for my brother's birthday.

Sherry said...

at 57 my get up and go, got up and went. :/
energy is fleeting and muscles/joints sore at times.
more so than in my 30s. 34 was my favorite age and
that's how old i tell folks i am... just this year
i enjoyed the 23rd anniversary of my 34th year. yep.

been trying out new recipes .. one in particular
was ridiculous in the amount of steps one had to do
to achieve a mediocre result. won't be doing that one

tonight i'm making spinach salad. fresh spinach,
thick cut bacon, heirloom tomatoes, fresh croutons,
boiled eggs, white balsamic dressing and a sprinkling
of guyere. looking forward.

saturday i'm making ribs, sweet potato mash, and salad.
you're welcome to come join us. you can sleep in our
backyard cottage that boasts 12 inch memory foam. :)

Adrienne said...

I am just home from a few days at the beautiful Oregon Coast - a true get-away we desperately needed. Both are retired and life is SO busy. We care for my dear, little mother who will soon be ninety-three. She lives in her own home and manages some things well. Others not so much. Those we must take care of - and do so willingly and gladly. Our home needs to be sorted and simplified and some long-time projects need to be finished. One step at a time, dear friend. One thing after another. (I'm 'preaching' to myself here, too.)