Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mountains, Light, Heart Blinds and Rising Up

know the secrets
we need to learn.
That it might take time,
it might be hard
but if you just
hold on
long enough
you will find the strength 
to rise up. 
-Tyler Knott Gregson 


Happy new year, you!

Two things I'm already taken with in 2015: Tyler Knott Gregson's poetry, and this bread- Fast and Fabulous French Bread. Early this morning, as the sun leaked through the window blinds, I read bits of Chasers of the Light and smeared butter on my homemade bread and, in that moment, felt joy leaking through my heart blinds.

Heart blinds are a thing, in case you didn't know. They're the cheap, fiddly screens we find over our hearts when we realize, suddenly, one day, that it's darker in ourselves than it need be. That we've let fear or doubt or the dullness of life leak into our spirit and- day after day, slat after slat- hang a barrier between us and the Light that's all around us. Mountains do know the secret. Bread knows it, too: that time and endurance can raise the ordinary to extraordinary heights, if only we persevere until we find ourselves lifted up.

This new year, my prayer is that we continue to chase the Light. That we don't give up. That we keep on and keep on and keep on until we rise up, out of our shadows... out of our fear... out of our doubt, and onto the mountain top.

We'll do this, this year. See you there.  -Brin


Sue Neitzel said...

I wish more people could see the light! The bread looks great and I love the pattern on the plate too!

Chanda said...

I was once told the tallest and mightiest Oak in the forest was once just a little nut that stood it's ground. lol Perseverance. Love the dish, I have only 4 plates like it, but my search continues for more, its my kind of hunting, so fun to find them here and there. Have a great day Brin.