Saturday, August 10, 2013

Post Pilgrimage: Slow, Gathered, and Grown

As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, 
a certain sense of beautiful mystery
seems to gather and grow. 
- A.C. Benson

I went out to the garden, picked basil, and came in and made pesto last night. 

It was a hot, tiring week in Houston. I was sent there Sunday for a 4-day conference in a giant glass building with fast elevators. The pace was all wrong- too fast and frantic, then boring and blah. The hotel (didn't I used to enjoy them?) was impersonal and loud. The presentations were slick but slow. The traffic set me on edge. I felt out of place all week, and when I got in the rental car to make the drive home, I nearly cried out with relief.

I got home, went out to the garden, picked basil, and made pesto. Then I smeared it over chicken, potatoes, peppers... whatever, didn't matter... and set the table. Then I lit candles and opened a bottle of wine and opened the door for Josh and filled our plates and everything was okay again.

Pilgrimages around the world are great, but I like them slow with gathered and grown dinners and flickering candles at the end. 

 Beautiful mystery optional. 


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I sometimes think, I'd feel the same way...that is if I ever left and went to the busy, the fast, and mundane.
Have a great week.

vintage girl at heart said...

amen there really is no place like home!

Debi said...

I enjoy leaving home once in a while if only for the homecoming!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Aww grasshopper, you have arrived!!! Lovely post and so happy for your new life!

betty r said...

Home is where the heart is..mine is also in a quiet place, gathering foods from my garden..such bliss.
Enjoy your week, Brin.

Lulu said...

so nice...i hate hectic, stressed fast paced life...Nothing like home to feel centered and loved..

Patsy from Illinois said...

I've missed you Brin. I was reading your blog back in the Freeman House days and really looked forward to it. Now that I have found your new blog, I will be a regular reader. Congrats on the engagement and may God bless your lives together.

Anonymous said...

Where are you, Brin? How is the wedding coming along? Please tell us!