Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Knitting with Tea and Honey

While it's normal for my life to be messy and thrilling, it's been unusually frantic as of late.

This is one reason why I knit. It's also why I drink tea and honey. It soothes nerves, settles thumping hearts, and stirs my swirling thoughts into something solid. Something that makes sense. 

 If you're looking to expand the corners of your life and sanity a bit, I recommend taking a knitting class. If that's your sort of thing...
Yesterday I moved Renee out and within 12 hours things had gone badly. (As in, upon pulling away from the motel we settled her in, I had an uneasy feeling. And within several hours, the pastor of Church Under the Bridge called to say Renee had let a paroled felon into her room and the guy split with her check card. Which is exactly what happened a month ago and what caused her homeless situation last time. That, and Renee was begging for my phone number as the guy took off with her phone, too.) ...

I'm making more tea. Want some?

.   .   .   .   .

For those who've kindly asked, I am knitting again for lovely people other than those who live around. If you have room in your kitchen or bath for pillowy, hand-knitted wonders, I would love to knit some just for you. Please check out my little shop, Balm and Honey. I trust you'll find these knitted goodies work wonders at mopping up tea, honey... and maybe even a few tears.  

Have a good rest of your week, okay? -Brin


Alma said...

these are super lovely !!! I make knit and crochet kitchen items too. These are so incredibly pretty. Love your shop!

Vee said...

Keeping hands at work is good rest for the head...usually. Praying that the situation with your former boarder calms way down.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Bless your heart!! My vice is gardening, weeding sure does the trick!! I pray Renee finds the courage to move forward soon!