Friday, April 3, 2009


Contentment makes poor men rich.
-Benjamin Franklin

The buttercrunch lettuce in the garden went to seed, so early this morning I tugged it up, snipped off some of the flowering shoots, and vased them. The creamy/plum blossoms greened up my bedroom, which gets the softest, buttery light in the morning.

Last summer in Colorado, Millie and I would take our morning walk up the river. Each time I'd quickly pluck a stone from the bitter-cold rushing water and slip it in my pocket. Once in the cabin, I piled them in a glass bowl - a daily reminder that each day is precious. Today I have those river-smoothed stones scattered across my bedroom mantle - still a daily reminder that each day is precious.

Ultimately, when the fireplace is added back to this room, I want all my stones cemented around the opening. Until then, I'm content with rearranging them on the mantle shelf.

Content. Hmm. You know, I have never been as broke as I am today. But I've never been as content, either. Turns out that being satisfied with what God gives really does make a poor girl rich....


Jenn said...

Beautiful flowers. Beautiful pictures as always. And words so true for many of us. Thank you!

Elenka said...

Who would have thunk that those are lettuce flowers!
Leave it to you to find beauty anywhere you go.

Tamara said...

I have a thing for stones too. They're like my "ebenezers", marking the moments when I've recognized God's voice in my life. I've needed just such a reminder of late. My husband and I have both experienced precarious job situations. But God is in control. God provides. God is good. And each day is precious

Sandi said...

Gorgeous photos Brin! Just love them...simple yet elegant.

When we are at peace with God nothing else matters...we are *content*.

Blessings ~

Kathi D said...

You are rich with talent and with the good wishes of all of us.

Vee said...

You have a unique way of creating a beautiful home and a beautiful life, Brin.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Those are beautiful!

I just finished reading Scott Hamilton's book to review on my blog. It's all about how the adversity in his life eventually led him to all the good things. :)

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I am ecstatic to hear that you are in better spirits. It all works out according to His plan. Even when He throws a couple of stones in the mix to make us stronger. You totally got His purpose for you and will overcome any rocks in your path. Peace, my dear girl.

BTW, I did a post that included the 'house helpers' you knit, that I bought for my best friend's birthday: She adored them! I used your pics for the post. Hope you don't mind. xxoo

Susan said...

You said it sister ... we are such a consumer, "things" society. I have found in my life having to watch every penny has made me realize how much of what we "have", or of we "want" - we don't need. Peace, contentment, walks outside in nature, flowers and library books go a very long way in making me feel very contented. Oh ... and also sweet kisses from a scraggly black dog named Winnie Dixon. How is that adorable chocolate dog of yours these days - are you able to take her to work with you ? Hope she's not lonely with all your Messy Thrilling business.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brin,
My blog is very recent and I love reading yours, Find me in your favorites and please pay me a visit. My writings can be translated, though not excellently, but still....I think you are a very couragious woman and a bit grazy too, I love that.About your stones: your idear about these stones reminders are similar to what my mother-in-love ( mother in law ), now aged 96 always showed to her grandchildren. Though she does not recognise them anymore nor remember their names, when sitting down and having a nice cup of coffee together, she will stand up, take some stones and starts telling us all about each stone, where it was found, be it Nijmegen, be it Denmark, be it France, be it the garden she played in as a child: she knows all the the stories and shares them.
Can you believe us women of all ages all over the world and our little, but grand preciousness ?!
I do...I believe in us..
Love you, Brin and keep on going girl.

One Woman's Journey said...

You speak to the heart of One Woman who could be your mother or maybe grandmother. Peace is priceless and it took many years for me to have this treasured possesion. It is priceless.

diana said...

Love the rocks for the fireplace surround. Such natural beauty with the rocks and lettuce . My best to you with the success in your new shop.

Ruth said...

I visit your peaceful place and leave feeling rested and grateful. California is a far reach from Texas (family is from Austin, moved to CA when I was born). But your warmth and openness gives me the feeling you are just a walk away.
Thank you for letting me visit you

Paula said...

Glad that things are working out with the bakery. Hopefully you'll start making some money! (have to up your prices if your business is doing that well!) Bakery stuff ain't cheap anywhere!!!

Hope you continue your blog. It's fun!

Victoria said...

You continue to amaze me! Do you know what I would give to come to Tx to meet you and eat at Henrybella's?

I can't wait to see the bakery floor painted.

Love the stones...what a beautiful reminder.

martha said...

God is working in your life. Both obviously AND behind the scenes. I truly hope you don't quit blogging.

Cathy said...

You are so creative!

I just wanted to sign up for the Freeman House Newsletter--

I hope this Sunday finds you resting and well :)