Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Epicurus on Square One

I'm back there again. You know, back to the proverbial 'square one' that leaves you cognizant that you spend half your life going in circles.

Oh... wait. Maybe that's just me. :)

Regardless, it's frustrating to devote time and effort to something that bares no fruit. Or leaves. Or slimy sap that ruins your car's paint job. Especially when it's a circumstance or person beyond your control.

Oh... wait. EVERY circumstance and person is beyond my control....

You have me. Guy troubles again. Love them. Hate them. (Mostly love-hate them.) Some days I have no idea why I even brush my hair or buy cute shoes.

I read this today, however, and it left me with a B.C. buzz:

"Do not spoil what you have
By desiring what you have not;
But remember that what you now have
Was once among things only hoped for."
- Epicurus
(Not that I'm in the habit of reading Epicurus over my Bible, but the little ditty did resonate with me today.)
Anyway, if you're back to your own proverbial square one, maybe this will help. And heck, while you're here, bring your coffee over and sit with me.

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truelovesong said...

ready for a new one girl!!! lol hope you are doing good!! Traci