Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Perfect Pizza Pie (Guy)

Is there anything more awesome than a guy kneading dough?

No. No, there's not. Especially when it's your awesome guy and he's kneading dinner. Pizza dinner.

(That fluttering sound you just heard was my heart. Or maybe my stomach. Possibly both.)

So Josh is a genius with anything electronic. Certified genius. Omgosh, y'all. You should have seen the day he moved in. Flat screens and three (3!) computer monitors and Apple TVs and computers and Airstream Express Thingys and Rokus and speakers and PS3s. (I stood my ground and relegated the ginormous screen to the back room. It looks like a small NASA launch station back there now. Seriously.)

Anyway, Josh is a pro with all things with a cord... but a cook he is not. That said, he wants to learn.

I just said, the guy wants to learn to cook. This marriage is going to last the ages.

We started with pizza. (Errr... the cooking lessons, not the marriage.)

There is an amazing recipe for pizza here. Go there now. Because when I say amazing, I mean... yeah. It's perfect. It makes perfect pizza. You should make it and have perfect pizza.

Josh grilled ours, but we've baked, too, and either way it's pizza yumminess. Follow that recipe and use bread flour if you can; I think it makes all the difference. Really. This pie is so tasty we went out and bought a proper grill so we can make several at once and have folks over. Makes for a fun (and inexpensive) dinner party!

What have you been eating lately? Have any good recipes to share? By all means, holler if so.  -Brin


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

The pizzas look yummy and inspires me to make one myself. I use my bread machine to make the dough, then spread it out in my pan and top it with ingredients and bake. My mouth is watering, I need to eat some breakfast.

Have a good day with your Pizza Guy.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

First of all, it's GREAT to see you post, I look everyday! I'm so happy for you, and if anyone can teach a man to cook, it's you!!! I hope you will fill us in on your life and home soon! How has Millie handled the big change?

Betty said...

Oh Brin, pizza on the grill..does it get any better?? I have not tried bread flour, I must try that next time.

martin catt said...

woow!!! nice food...i love pizza..pizza is my favorite food...

Karen Deborah said...

looks delicious I am so happy your HAPPY.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

It's so wonderful to see you sharing your life with us again!
Is that last pizza Heart shaped?
It almost looks it.
They look delish...I've never grilled pizza...I must try this one.